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  • Agate Geode Half

Agate Geode Half

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From the earth strode the dusty digger, a heavy barrel of rocks clasped in his arms.

He'd come here for a special stone, a sparkling quartz-filled treasure, and these were his spoils. One rock tumbled out of the barrel and cracked on the stone floor of the cavern steps. He set his barrel down and examined the fractured rock, working at it with his chisel. The rock cracked and lay open. He smiled. Inside the unassuming rock exterior lay a cache of glittering facets, with more quartz than all of Switzerland.

That night he stayed awake, cutting each stone, then setting it aside for polishing. He polished each agate face until it gleamed, complementing the glittering drusies inside.

Each geode half is unique in size, but each looks to be at least 2 x 1 x 1". Heavy in the palm, magnificent to the eyes, wordless in sunlight.


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