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Blazer GB4103 Angled Head Table Top Lab Burner

Product ID: TRCH-4103


The Blazer GB4103 angled flame, tabletop butane gas burner is a refillable burner that creates a precise flame, emitting from a nozzle head, allowing direct heat application to an object. It is commonly used for detailed purposes such as brazing, plumbing, soldering, jewelry making, culinary, dental and lab applications, and work that requires a traditional Bunsen burner.

The GB4103 is a tabletop burner, with an angled nozzle head for ease of use, and an adjustable, blue-torch, precise flame for versatility. It features a heavy-duty base, and is designed for stability, safety and hands-free use.

The burner houses a piezoelectric ignition system, which is based on a pressurized molecular reaction, and requires no electric connection. Piezoelectric energy occurs when the trigger is activated, releasing a small, spring-loaded internal hammer that strikes a crystal, producing a spark and resulting in gas flame ignition.

With a maximum flame temperature of 2,370 degrees F (1,300 degrees C), the burner has a continuous burn time of approximately 1.0 hour, at maximum fuel capacity and temperature, and has a 35-gram gas capacity. It measures 4.5 (l) x 3.1 (w) x 3.7 (h) inches and weighs 13.5 ounces. This product is intended strictly for use in professional and industrial environments. In accordance with federal regulations, home use of this product is prohibited.

The GB4103 burner operates with a standard butane canister (sold separately).


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