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Harness the Power of Email to Gain Repeat Customers

Product ID: using_email_to_create_sales


One of the biggest mistakes wire jewelry artists make when first starting out in their business is never following up with people they sell their jewelry too. Let's say that you go to a craft show and sell 50 pieces of jewerly. Who did you sell them to? Did you collect their contact information to be able to market to them later down the road when you create new pieces or have promotions on your jewelry?

In this one-of-a-kind package, we'll share with you several proven techniques to help you followup with your prospects and customers that will ultimately lead to increased sales and revenue for you and your jewelry business.

Not only are we going to teach you exactly how to followup with your customers and prospects, we're also going to arm you with all the tools and resources needed to be successful with your followup marketing.

You'll receive several email templates that you can simply copy and paste when sending an email to your customers. You'll receive follow-up emails, thank you emails, informational emails about how to care for jewelry, seasonal emails and much more!


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