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Diamond Coated 3/32 Drill Bits - Set of 6

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Diamond Coated 3/32 Drill Bits - Set of 6. Swiss-made twist drills with electroplated diamond particles. The ultimate tool for drilling stones, pearls, glass or ceramics. Use with standard handpieces and a small amount of water as a lubricant. Medium-fine grit drills. If you are looking at the picture from left to right, the sizes are as follows:
  • DIB-210.70: 1.00mm
  • DIB-210.90: 1.30mm
  • DIB-211.00: 1.40mm
  • DIB-211.20: 1.60mm
  • DIB-211.40: 1.80mm
  • DIB-211.60: 2.10mm
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