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7 Chakra Tree 300 Chips

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The 300 chip 7 Chakra Tree is a beautiful and unique decorative item that is designed to promote balance and harmony in your living space. The chakra tree is crafted from a natural, sturdy base that is adorned with 7 crystal chips that represent each of the seven chakras in the body. The crystals are carefully selected for their energetic properties and are arranged in a beautiful pattern to create a stunning and eye-catching display.

The chakra tree stands at a height of approximately 7-9 inches while the width is approximately 7 inches when the stems are spread out. The base of the tree is made from a solid, natural material, providing a stable foundation for the crystals and is designed to be placed on a flat surface, such as a table or desk.

Each of the 7 chakra crystals in the chakra tree has a unique color and energetic vibration, which corresponds to a different aspect of the human body and spirit. The red jasper crystal represents the root chakra, the orange aventurine crystal represents the sacral chakra, the yellow citrine crystal represents the solar plexus chakra, the green aventurine crystal represents the heart chakra, the blue sodalite crystal represents the throat chakra, the purple amethyst crystal represents the third eye chakra, and the clear quartz crystal represents the crown chakra.

This beautiful chakra tree product is not only a stunning decorative piece, but it also serves as a powerful tool for promoting balance, healing, and energy flow throughout your body and living space. The crystals are believed to help balance and clear any blockages in the chakras, allowing for greater well-being, harmony, and vitality. Whether you are an avid collector of crystals or simply looking for a beautiful and meaningful addition to your home decor, the 7 Chakra Tree is an excellent choice.


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