Wire Wrapped Tutorial Q & A

Q: I would like to make a wire wrapped ring and am looking for a wire wrapped ring tutorial. Are those available on your site?

A: We have many wire wrapped ring tutorials, as well as wire wrapped cabochon tutorials and other wire wrapping tutorials which are free to the public. For further information you may want to consider purchasing our DVDs as they have a wealth of wire wrap jewelry instructions.

Q: I have just completed multiple wire wrapped tutorials. Where can I find wire wrap jewelry ideas?

A: We have a selection of wire wrapped jewelry patterns and wire wrapping books to help you find the perfect project. We're happy you've decided that making wire wrapped jewelry is for you and are eager to help you in any way we can. Many of our wire wrapped jewelry patterns will teach you basic wire wrapping techniques and wire wrapping basics. You can also learn how to work with wire wrap beads, how to make a wire wrapped ring, and wire wrap earrings.

Q: I was watching a wire wrapped cabochon tutorial and was wondering, what exactly is a "cabochon?"

A: Cabochons (pronounced ka-bə-shän), or cabs, are rounded stones with flat backs, perfectly suited for making wire wrapped jewelry. These wire wrapping stones are as beautiful as they are versatile! Use large cabochon gemstones in pendants, necklaces and bracelets. We have smaller cabochon gemstones that are perfect for wire wrap earrings, and to make a wire wrapped ring, among other delicate wire jewelry. They come in every color, shape, sparkle, and shine; cabochons made from genuine stones such as jasper, garnet, and onyx are highly prized. Gemstone cabochons are a sure way to draw attention to your wire wrap jewelry. Check out a wire wrapped cabochon tutorial today and get started!