Springtime Unakite Pendant by Sonja Kiser
Springtime Unakite Pendant

Here is a different twist for making a framed cabochon pendant. In this example, a 25 x 18mm Unakite cabochon was wrapped using a combination of gold-filled and sterling wires in 22g square half hard. The flowing decoration, in a complimentary color scheme, is the focal point of this piece. Several rosettes were created with the remaining wires after the bail was completed. One wire is swirling almost to the bottom on the left side, while another, closer to the top of the cabochon, is swirled in the opposite direction and still three more are used to cover the wraps of the bail. Using the last wire, that has been filled with 4mm Swarovski crystal beads, (in complimenting green and pink), creates the final decorative accent and the free flowing movement of the piece. The use of an established color scheme unifies this piece and is also pleasing to the eye.

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