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We want all our customers to be successful in all their jewelry endeavors! From mastering a framed cabochon pendant to selling it to the perfect customer for the price it truly deserves, we're here for you, every step of the way.

In our Definitive Guide, we reference several articles and topics already discussed on our site. Please explore the Business Resource Center for guidance on photography, inventory management, promoting your business, and more!

Jewelry Business Resources

  • Keep Track of Inventory and Pricing: Bead Manager Pro is a fantastic software program that keeps track of every bead, finding, and inch of wire for you. Plus, it handles invoices, labels, and will even calculate a dead-on price for your finished pieces, including your hourly rate!

  • Set Up Your Jeweler’s Bench: This article by Mary Bailey is a fantastic list of things to consider for the basic home studio, including your work surface, lighting, storage, and more.

  • Website Design & Hosting: Claim the Web is an excellent resource for website hosting and design. This company is extremely familiar with the jewelry industry, especially small home business owners. Browse available templates and call for a free consultation.

  • Home Jewelry Business Tips: Solid sales and business advice from someone who's "been there." Even more information about taxes, self-promotion, and money management specifically for the home jewelry business owner.

  • Search for Jewelry Shows: Find art shows, craft shows, and festivals in your area!

  • The site of the US Copyright Office will provide you with information regarding copyrighting your original works, as well as your rights and protections under copyright laws.

  • Learn How to Sell Your Jewelry Ecourse: 5 information packed emails that will teach you many of the techniques and tips necessary to sell your jewelry for a profit.

  • The Crafts Report: Great magazine recommended in the Definitive Guide for any crafter or artist interested in selling their work.

Great Articles from Our Blog

  • How to Make Your Own Lightbox: Part 1 and Part 2: Taking photographs of your handmade jewelry is an essential part of the jewelry biz! Clear, detailed, and artistic pictures of your wire jewelry are a must for selling online--but you'll also need crisp photos for entering juried art shows, as well as creating your own promotional materials. Learn how to make and use a lightbox--the easiest and most professional way to take beautiful pictures that do your wire jewelry justice!

  • Where to Sell Your Wire Jewelry: Dale "Cougar" Armstrong details several strategies on selling your handmade wire jewelry. Make money by selling your handcrafted jewelry in these creative venues!

  • How to Price Your Wire Jewelry: Dale "Cougar" Armstrong shares her personal experience and helpful suggestions on how to price your wire jewelry to sell! Don't "give" your jewelry away: make sure you charge a fair price to cover your supplies, time, overhead, and expertise! This article will give you surefire tips to make the money you deserve from your art.

  • Wire Jewelry Display & Booth Ideas: Effective and elegant ways to display your wire jewelry. Ideas on how to set up your jewelry booths from Dale "Cougar" Armstrong's personal experience (19 years of shows!)

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