Adjustable Ring Jewelry Making Pattern

Adjustable Ring Jewelry Making Pattern

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Designer: Copyright by Preston and Mary Reuther

This project is extremely quick, easy, and fun to make. They are guaranteed sellers in silver or gold and the profit is unbelievable.

Skill Level: Beginner

Technique: Round Wire and hammering

Supplies Required Tools Required Learn more about selling and pricing your jewelry with our Definitive Guide to Selling Handcrafted Jewelry.


Step 1

Clean, polish and file both ends of wire Put mandrel in center of wire (about 1 size smaller than intended size) and wrap wire twice around mandrel. (There will be a double loop around your finger.) Remove from mandrel and test for size

Step 2

Using pliers, form scroll by turning one of the end portions of the wire

Step 3

Once you have formed a full loop, firmly grasp the loop with your flat nose pliers and continue to form the scroll.

This motion should be made using your wrist, holding the ring firmly in one hand and gripping the loop with the other while rounding the wire toward you.

Step 4

Form a second scroll facing the opposite direction

Step 5

Hold the ring next to your steel surface or steel vise. Hammer the scroll flat. You may hammer either side of the scroll. However, it is recommended that you hammer the hidden (back) end to hide any blemishes or unwanted texture that your hammer might cause. The side of metal that touches the vise will have a smooth finish. If you do accidentally mar your wire, gently file the surface. You may come up with another texture, but you'll have a smooth surface and no wasted wire!

Turn and flatten the other scroll

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