Creative Metalsmithing from Scratch with Kim St. Jean
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Beginner Series - Part 2

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Beginner Series Part 2

Project 1- "Orbit" Earrings

“I came up with my ‘Orbit’ earring design purely by accident. The first pair I made was created totally in sterling silver and not only sold within the first fifteen minutes of a show, but I also took so many orders for them that I subsequently made and sold at least 50 more pair that month!  I then decided to alter the design by incorporating a variety of gemstones and crystals, (which also sells extremely well).  It’s a very easy design that is quick and fun to make.” Dale "Cougar" Armstrong

  • Learn how to formulate this pattern to make a variety of lengths and styles.
  • Use a common ‘found item’ to shape.
  • Make mirror image earrings, both at the same time!
  • Learn how to make a loose or tight rosette.

Project 2- Framed Freeform Cabochon Pendant

“Some folks may not know that I began my wire jewelry making career by wanting to create pendants with the cabochons my husband and I were cutting from our rockhound adventures.  Although there were several sets of instructions available for calibrated cabs, most of our stones are freeform shapes and I needed a technique that enabled me to frame close to a stone, but still had the crisp control and strength of my favorite half-hard wire temper, while not covering too much of a cab.  The technique of mixing both the gauges and tempers of wire, allow the creator to take control of their design while still celebrating the stone’s beauty.  And why waste your money and my time by teaching just one way?  I give all of my students the complete formulas so they can make about any shape or size cab or stone, freeform or calibrated, into a wearable piece of art." Dale "Cougar" Armstrong

  • Combine the techniques taught in DVD 1, All Wire Bangle and the first project on this DVD, (‘Orbit’ earrings), to be able to make a pendant frame for almost any size or shape cabochon.

  • Learn how to formulate how much wire is needed for a framed pendant.

  • Combine different wire tempers, sizes and shapes with success.

  • Learn one of the many ways to form a solid bail and how to make ‘on-the-spot’ adjustments to it to assist with sales.

  • Discover different ways to end the top wires of a frame, including embellishment suggestions.

  • See a variety of cabochon pendant designs for inspiration.

***This DVD comes complete with written follow-up directions for each and every project along with sizing formulas when needed!!

Total run time for this disc is 1:31:52

This DVD does not have subtitles at this time, but does come with complete follow-up instructions.

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