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  • Creating Bracelets with Pattern Wire

    by Judy Ellis, Wire Jewelry Inspiration for Sept 17, 2014 Creating Bracelets with Pattern Wire This week I wanted to share a submission by one of our friends and instructors Rhonda Chase. Rhonda has given us...

    • Posted September 17, 2014
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  • Creating with Pattern Wire

    by Judy Ellis,   Jewelry Making Tip for March 26, 2014 Creating with Pattern Wire Have you used pattern wire before? Pattern wire adds personality to each piece you create and comes in a variety of...

    • Posted March 26, 2014
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  • Featured Tool: EnCapture Artisan Concrete Starter Kit, #KIT-355.00

    by Rose Marion, Tool of the Week for February 18, 2013 This week’s tool: EnCapture Artisan Concrete™ Starter Kit, #KIT-355.00 Gorgeous pendant courtesy of Patti Bullard and Euro Tool This week’s featured tool from is...

    • Posted February 18, 2013
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  • Featured Tool: 80mm Rolling Mill, #MIL-280.10

    by Rose Marion, Tool of the Week for February 11, 2013 This week’s tool: 80mm Rolling Mill, #MIL-280.10 Video by Kate, This week’s featured tool from is the 80mm Rolling Mill, MIL-280.10. Use a...

    • Posted February 11, 2013
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  • Copper Pattern Wire now available on Wire-Sculpture!

    You’ve been asking for it – now we have it! Enjoy working with Pattern Wire in Copper, Nickel Silver, and Red Brass. The look of beautiful patterned wire without the cost of gold or silver: unbelievable! Pattern...

    • Posted January 25, 2013
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  • Wire Jewelry Idea August 22: Pattern Wire Druzy Pendant

    by Rose Marion, Wire Jewelry Idea for August 22, 2012 Name: Pattern Wire Wrap Submitted by: Elizabeth Bisogni Technique used: Pattern wire shaping, cabochon setting, snapset technique Materials used: Pattern Wire Elizabeth used brass, but you...

    • Posted August 22, 2012
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  • Steel Pattern Wire Inspiration

    Pattern wire has a special draw to it, something that we as wire jewelers just can’t resist. This steel pattern wire is no exception: available in 5 different patterns, nearly everyone at our office had a favorite...

    • Posted August 5, 2011
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  • Cutting Steel Pattern Wire

    One of our newest products is Steel Pattern Wire, great for making wire bangles, collars, and cabochon frames. You might find it a bit tricky to cut, because it’s tougher than Xurons and even Tin Snips –...

    • Posted May 26, 2011
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  • Daily Wire Tip Apr. 14: Wrapping Pattern Wire Bundles

    Daily Wire Jewelry Making Tip for April 14, 2011 Question: Dale, thank you so much for your advice on markets in The Definitive Guide. I just did my first outdoor market on Saturday and even with the...

    • Posted April 13, 2011
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  • Daily Wire Tip Dec. 8: Wire Wrapping Thick Stones with Little Girdles

    Daily Wire Jewelry Making Tip for December 8, 2010 Question: Hi, I seem to have the opposite problem as some other wire workers – I like a stone with very little girdle. I find I can get...

    • Posted December 7, 2010
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  • Daily Wire Tip Oct. 9: Transferring Patterns to Soft Wire

    Daily Wire Jewelry Making Tip for October 9, 2010 Question: Can you please tell me how to transfer a pattern to dead soft wire? -Claudia in Springfield, Massachusetts Answer: A rolling mill is used to transfer a...

    • Posted October 8, 2010
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  • Daily Wire Tip Sept. 2: Wrap Wires for Pattern Wire Bracelets

    Daily Wire Jewelry Making Tip for September 2, 2010 Question: What gauge and temper wire should I use to make a multiple-wire bangle bracelet? I usually use pattern wire with four twisted wires. Using 20 or 21-gauge...

    • Posted September 1, 2010
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  • Daily Wire Tip July 31: Making a Bail with Pattern Wire

    Daily Wire Jewelry Making Tip July 31, 2010 Question: I have a large citrine I want to make into a pendant, but it is very deep. I would like to wrap the pendant in a combination of...

    • Posted July 30, 2010
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  • Daily Wire Tip Feb. 4: Where to Find Longer Pattern Wire

    Daily Wire Jewelry Making Tip February 04, 2010 Question: Your answer concerning the length of pattern wire (6in.) was quite enlightening, however, you failed to tell us where we can get longer pieces. Is it available at Wire-Sculpture?...

    • Posted February 4, 2010
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  • Daily Wire Tip Jan. 21: Making a Wire Bracelet

    Daily Wire Jewelry Making Tip January 21, 2010 Question: Do you have any videos showing how to make a bracelet using pattern wire? Answer: We do not have any videos showing this technique at this time. This is...

    • Posted January 21, 2010
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  • Daily Wire Tip Jan. 4: What is Pattern Wire?

    Daily Wire Jewelry Making Tip January 04, 2010 Question: I’m so new to wire that I don’t even know what “pattern” wire is or what one would use it for.  Could you clarify this for me? Answer: Pattern...

    • Posted January 4, 2010
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