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  • Daily Wire Tip Aug. 8: Argentium Silver Care

    Daily Wire Jewelry Making Tip August 8, 2010 Question: I have fallen in love with your Anti-Tarnish Sterling Silver wire. Its sparkle looks like diamonds in the sun! But will it hold up over time, and do...

    • Posted August 7, 2010
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  • Daily Tip Aug. 6: Wire Metal Substitutions

    Daily Wire Jewelry Making Tip August 6, 2010 Question: Can you substitute artistic, German, Argentium or silver plated wire in place of sterling silver, as long as the piece calls for round wire and will not be...

    • Posted August 5, 2010
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  • Daily Tip July 12: Taming the Wild Wire Bundle

    Daily Wire Jewelry Making Tip July 12, 2010 Question: Dale, I have almost memorized the instructions for straightening wire, both from your DVDs and book, yet I cannot obtain a well-fitting bundle. Do you have any additional...

    • Posted July 11, 2010
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  • Daily Tip June 22: Designing Your Own Bracelet

    Daily Wire Jewelry Making Tip June 22, 2010 Question: Dale, is there a rule of thumb governing the size and temper of wire for a self-designed project? For instance, for a bracelet, what determines the size of...

    • Posted June 21, 2010
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  • Daily Tip June 19: Identifying Mystery Wire

    Daily Wire Jewelry Making Tip June 19, 2010 Question: I bought some wire a year or so ago. It is not marked what gauge it is. How can I figure out what gauge it is, and if...

    • Posted June 18, 2010
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  • Daily Tip June 15: What’s My Wire’s Circumference?

    Daily Wire Jewelry Making Tip June 15, 2010 Question: I want to use my Dremel rotary tool to twist wire. There is a chuck available that takes items with a circumference of 1/32 inch to 1/8 inch....

    • Posted June 14, 2010
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  • Daily Wire Tip: Type of Wire for Neck Wire Pendants

    Daily Wire Jewelry Making Tip Question: I want to make neck wires for pendants. I have several, and most seem to be made of 2mm or 3mm square wire. What kind of wire would you suggest for...

    • Posted June 11, 2010
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  • Current Gold Pricing and Fair Gold Wire Prices

    Is now a good time to buy gold? It’s a question that many jewelry makers need answered, but it’s a hard question to consider. As you know, the prices of precious metals fluctuate; many newspapers print the...

    • Posted June 7, 2010
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  • Video Tip on Rescuing Wire from!

    Have you ever been wrapping along, when suddenly your pliers take a wrong turn? Or maybe you started a pattern, but it didn’t turn out right. There has to be a way to save this wire! Dale...

    • Posted May 10, 2010
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  • Daily Wire Tip April 30: Can I Use the Copper Wire From Electrical Wire?

    Daily Wire Jewelry Making Tip April 30, 2010 Question: Is there any reason that I couldn’t use copper wire that was used as electrical wire? Answer: No, there is no reason why recycled copper wire cannot be used...

    • Posted April 30, 2010
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  • Wire at and JOGS!

    Wire at and JOGS! Stay tuned for more information on the next JOGS Show, which will be from Jan 28 – Feb 08, 2011 at the Tucson Expo Center in  Tucson, AZ. This show will feature...

    • Posted April 27, 2010
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  • fishhookearrings7
    Daily Wire Tip: Ideas for Inexpensive Jewelry

    Daily Wire Jewelry Making Tip Question: I live in an area that doesn’t seem to want to pay more than $20.00 for anything so I’ve been using silver-plate and gold-plate to make my items…What kind of items...

    • Posted March 10, 2010
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  • Copper sheet metal.
    A Few Words About Copper

    Copper is a heavy, chemical element found naturally in the earth and has a ‘soft’ hardness of 2.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, (talc is #1 as softest and hardest diamond is #10). Copper is almost indestructible...

    • Posted February 17, 2010
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  • How to Use Twitter as a Wire Jewelry Artist

    As a wire jewelry artist you will need many paths to your target audience – your market for distribution of your designs.  One way, that has no cost other than your time daily, is the new and...

    • Posted January 21, 2010
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  • Daily Wire Tip Dec. 30: Ordering Longer Wire

    Daily Wire Jewelry Making Tip December 30, 2009 Question: Why would a pattern (I’ve seen a few of them on call for an 8 inch piece of silver patterned wire, but you can only order it...

    • Posted December 30, 2009
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  • h19-14sqd
    Daily Wire Tip Dec. 27: Mixing Sterling Silver and Argentium

    Daily Wire Jewelry Making Tip December 27, 2009 Question: I am running low on wire inventory, and can`t afford to buy more stock just yet.  I need to make some designs in all sterling. Can I make...

    • Posted December 27, 2009
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