Featured Tool: 9 in 1 Texturing Hammer

By on March 25, 2013
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by Rose Marion, Wire-Sculpture.com

Tool of the Week for March 25, 2013

This week’s tool: Texturing Hammer with 9 Faces, #HAM-470.00

Video by Kate, JewelryTools.com

This week’s featured tool from JewelryTools.com is the Texturing Hammer with 9 Faces, HAM-470.00.

Don’t be fooled – this texturing hammer isn’t just for sheet metal!

Give your wire jewelry a whole new dimension: make a simple wire design – for example, a plain 14- or 16-gauge sculpted 1-wire bangle – and then give it a few good whacks with a checkerboard or lined texture. Now isn’t that more interesting? The valleys and mountains in the metal will catch the light, and you’ve just added a luminous glow to your jewelry.

And if you don’t need the glow – here’s a trick: treat the textured piece with liver of sulfur, then remove it from the surface with a brass brush. The dark patina will stay in the crevices, giving a beautiful, antique look!

You may use the small designs to pinpoint texture in a certain area, the large designs to cover a bigger area, or use multiple tips to layer textures on one another. Each tip is easily and securely attached with a threaded collar.

The tips are approximately 3/4″ with various textures. Head weight with 2 tips is approximately 8 oz. and overall length is 9-1/2″.

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Texturing Hammer with 9 Faces

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9-face texturing hammer


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