Rhonda Chase, Featured Wire Jewelry Instructor

By on January 16, 2013
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by Rose Marion, Wire-Sculpture.com

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January 16, 2013

Featured Instructor: Rhonda Chase

Rhonda Chase

Rhonda Chase will be coming to Tucson to share her style of wire jewelry from her home in Northern California. Classically trained, Rhonda has always had an artistic side to her: from showing her drawings in a New York gallery at age 15 to working in a New York ad agency, which led to book illustrations, medical illustration, and her own graphic design business.

All that art – which ultimately translated to time on the computer, not using her hands to create her art directly with her fingers – led her to jewelry design and wire jewelry. At the time, she was making porcelain pendants, and needed a way to hang them that was more interestin than a basic cord. Now wire jewelry is her medium of choice! Rhonda believes in first practicing and perfecting the basic skills and techniques, and then branching out into the creative opportunities.

I love how she breaks the rules in her classes: her "No Measuring" cabochon pendant class and Floating Teardrop classes will be a lot of fun. And who doesn’t love those popular wire bird’s nests?

Click Below to explore Rhonda’s Classes this February in Tucson:

No Measuring Wire-Wrap for Artsy People - Cat’s Eye Pendant in Silver-Filled Wire
No Measuring Wire-Wrap for Artsy People – Cat’s Eye Pendant in Silver-Filled Wire
Feb. 4, morning
Take a Look
Silver-Filled Nest With Pearls and Matching Earrings
Silver-Filled Nest With Pearls and Matching Earrings
Feb 4, afternoon
Take a Look
Floating Teardrop Pendant
Floating Teardrop Pendant
Feb 6, morning
Take a Look
Beautiful Mixed Metals Nest on Branch
Beautiful Mixed Metals Nest on Branch
Feb 6, afternoon
Take a Look

Tip: When bending a wire bundle around a cabochon for wrapping, I use a ring mandrel to get a nice, smooth shape first. You can use this technique in both my Cat’s Eye Pendant and Floating Teardrop Pendant classes. -Rhonda Chase

I may have to go on a shopping trip with Rhonda in Tucson – she’s looking forward to finding patterened agates and jaspers in Tucson, and I can’t wait to see what she finds! She says some of her most detailed jewelry designs are inspired directly by the stones themselves. She loves the creative process, and that’s what has drawn Rhonda to teaching wire jewelry: sharing that passion and inspiration with other jewelry artists.

When I asked Rhonda what the 1 thing is that she can’t make jewelry without,this is what she told me: "My most indispensible jewelry making tool has to be Lindstrom‘s ergonomic, very fine, round nose pliers. I can make do with most other standard supplies in a pinch, but there’s nothing else like these pliers for the fine, detailed work I love to do." Did you know that in addition to classes at the JOGS Show, we’ll also have free tool demonstrations?

You might get to see Rhonda using her Lindstrom pliers in person. There will be all sorts of jewelry tools for you to see demo’d and even try out for yourself at JewelryTools’ Booth N1 at the JOGS Show. And if you can’t make it, we’ll be sure to send you all the photos and updates we can!

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