Jodi Bombardier, Featured Wire Jewelry Instructor

By on January 14, 2013
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by Rose Marion,

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January 14, 2013

Featured Instructor: Jodi Bombardier

Jodi Bombardier

You’ve probably seen her in Step by Step Wire Jewelry magazine or in wire jewelry books – but now you can see her in-person! Jodi Bombardier is a proficient wire wrapping, wire weaving, and now leather jewelry making artist who always seems to bring something new to her classes. And she’ll be in Tucson this February with to teach 5 classes you won’t want to miss.

While this is Jodi’s second year teaching with us, she’s also taught across the country as well as internationally, and elsewehere in Tucson. Lucky lady – being a Tucson resident, she doesn’t have to travel far to see the gem shows. I can’t wait to ask her what the best places for us to scout out that only locals know about! (You’ll be getting gem show updates from me during the show – I’ll have to find good things for you!)

Click Below to explore Jodi’s Classes this February in Tucson:

Leather Wrap Around Bracelet
Beads, Buttons, & Leather Wrap-around Bracelet
Feb. 9, full-day
Take a Look
Make Toggles from Sheet Metal
Toggles, Toggles, Toggles
Feb 10, morning
Take a Look
Leather Band Ring
Leather Band Ring
Feb 10, afternoon
Take a Look
Wire Woven Pearl Cuff Bracelet
Bejuled Copper Cuff
Feb 8, full-day
Take a Look
Rustic link bracelet
Rustica Bracelet
Feb 12, morning
Take a Look

Tip: Be consistent with your body mechanics. The more consistent you are with how you hold your tools and how you manipulate your wire, the quicker you will develop your personal style! -Jodi Bombardier

Because she lives in Tucson, Jodi told me that she knows where all the best shows are – and the easiest ways to get there! Being a Tucson resident, you can imagine that Jodi’s "seen it all" when it comes to gem shows, compared to those of us who might be carried away by the first orthoceras we see! So Jodi said, "A must-get for me would be anything I see that is unique – that is what I’m always looking for, something super-cool that I’ve never seen before."

Besides being a gem show connoisseur, Jodi loves sharing her love of wire jewelry and the skills and secrets she’s discovered from years of practice. She said, "I love sharing what I have learned, and I especially love to see what students create!"

The beautiful thing about Jodi’s classes is that while she supplies the kits and instructions necessary to complete the wire wrapping projects (or metal sheet, as in her Toggles, Toggles, Toggles class!), each project turns out differently, due to each student’s individual personality and style. Jodi encourages all her students to customize their pieces the way they want: with stamps, rivets, patinas, and more. Take an adventure and see if Jodi’s woven cuff bracelet, or perhaps one of her leather jewelry classes, tickles your fancy. Jodi will fill your mind with handy tips and shortcuts, and she might even tip you off to a must-see Tucson show no one else knows about!

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    Beverly Bishop

    February 7, 2013 at 10:19 pm

    I’ve had the most amazing time this year at the gem show. I have yet to meet Jodie Bombardier and that is on my list. I think this years shows have been the best ever, I’ve visited some I’ve never been to before to meet those artists I admire from the magazines. I’ve picked up some great cabs for my wrapping classes and even have picked up some tips for expanding my skills. People have been so friendly and sharing of their time at the various booths making my time there exciting…..of course I’ve over spent my budget again, which is so easy to do as there is so much tempting stuff all around, and this is only day 7!!!!! BeBeaz