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By on December 5, 2012
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by Rose Marion, Wire-Sculpture.com

Wire Jewelry Resource for
December 5, 2012

Pantone Spring 2013 Colors

It’s that time again: time to plan the next jewelry you’ll be creating! IF you run your own jewelry business or just like to give fashion-forward handmade gifts, you’ll love this announcement from Pantone about the fashion color report for spring 2013.

Every fall and spring, Pantone projects the next season’s colors based on fashion designers, runway shows, and trends. The spring 2013 color palette has 10 fun colors that, as Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, describes as an array of unusual neutrals with some bright floral tones

For those of us who remember Honeysuckle Pink, Pantone color of the year 2011, and Tangerine Tango, 2012, the 2013 color might be a wonderful return to tame colors: the beautiful Emerald green.

According to Ms. Eiseman, the entire spring 2013 palette, including Emerald and Monaco Blue, this spring’s central color, is inspired by balancing, re-energizing, and expressing ourselves this spring!

Here’s a handy picture of all the swatches. You can print it out and take it to the next gem show (Tucson?) so you get the colors you want!

Spring 2013 Pantone Colors on Wire-Sculpture.com

Spring 2013 Pantone Colors – click to view larger. You can print if you like!

Here are a few gems and crystals you might consider using in your spring 2013 handmade jewelry collections:


Bloodstone Cabochons

Dusk Blue:

Blue Topaz Gems
Grayed Jade:

Aquamarine Beads

Tender Shoots:

Peridot Cabochons

Lemon Zest:

Lemon Quartz Gems

African Violet:

Amethyst Gemstones

Pink Large Hole Pearls
Monaco Blue:

Sapphire Cubic Zirconia
Poppy Red:

Poppy Jasper Cabochons

Sunstone Beads (also, Red Aventurine)

See Pantone’s complete Spring 2013 Report here.

Why design with the Pantone colors? While no one can predict the future, these 10 colors are going to be featured in all kinds of design, from clothing to sheets, in spring 2013. Not only does your jewelry have a good chance of matching your friend’s new dress – it might get added to a treasury or feature on Etsy that is highlighting the Pantone colors! If you use a Pantone color in a piece, consider using the color name as one of the tags.

You can hear Leatrice explain the color choices in this video:

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  1. avatar

    Beverly S Willis Holman

    December 5, 2012 at 7:54 am

    Thank you for the article on the Spring 2013 colors. I just love them. But what is great is that you give suggestions on what gemstones and crystals can be used when creating jewelry for the spring. Now that I have ideas of what gems are close to the colors, I can feel my creative juices working overtime.

  2. avatar

    Barbara Dowd

    December 5, 2012 at 12:36 pm

    This was a very valuable video! And it was exciting to see the colors for spring…they are really attractive and exciting as well…Thanks for the suggestions of beads/stones to use when putting together designs for spring 2013. I’ll be looking for these colors as soon as Christmas/winter items are over.

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