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By on August 1, 2012
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by Rose Marion,

I wanted to take just a minute and highlight some of the free resources we`ve put here for you on! While you already know about our Free DVD and the dozens of wire jewelry DVDs available for you, we`d love to encourage you even more. Take a look!

Free Resources on

First, I hope you have all found the Resource Center helpful (located in the blue Information/Education bar at the top of every page). You`ll find reference articles covering Gemstones, Wire, Business, and Jewelry Care advice and information. Use this handy chart on our Wire Measurements page to discover how wide each gauge of wire is in millimeters and inches! (Handy for international folks who don`t use our gauge system, and also for finding how many wires you need to bundle a cab). The Resource Center is also where you can find past contest entries and winners, and our current Wire Artist of the Month!

Also in the blue Information/Education bar, there`s a link to `How To Videos.` From that page, you can find 3 full-length project videos (completely free) as well as several free Video Tips by Dale `Cougar` Armstrong, Sherrie Lingerfelt, Albina Manning, and more.

Free Patterns and Ideas

I hope you`ve also checked out our Patterns & Ideas page in the blue Information/Education bar. Not only can you find 23 (and counting) free, full-length patterns, such as Jill Gentry`s Simple Flower Pendant, but you can scroll down and find 14 interesting Wire Jewelry Ideas – just some visual inspiration for a creative rainy day. Plus, you can sign up for even more original wire jewelry patterns here, or right on our Patterns & Ideas page!

These Email Patterns are high-quality step-by-step patterns that you can print and use over and over again, and they`re sent out every 2 weeks. If you currently receive our Free Email Patterns, what`s your favorite pattern you`ve received? We love to hear your feedback!

And don`t forget, there`s a wealth of wire jewelry ideas in our Blog archive. When you`re on the blog, simply look at the categories on the left side, under `Jewelry Topics.` I know you`ll love the inspiration you`ll find there!

Be featured on!

And don`t forget – if you want to be featured on, there are several ways to be featured!

1. Are you a Gold Club member? Submit a few pictures and tell us about yourself, and you could be featured as the Wire Artist of the Month!

2. Love making jewelry with real gemstones? Every Friday we feature a different gemstone, and I love to feature pictures of jewelry our readers have made with the featured gemstone! Look in the bottom of each Gem Profile to see what`s next, and send your pictures to

3. Have a piece you`re proud of, a new technique you`ve discovered, or a story you`d love to share? Submit here to be featured, like Catharine Temaluru or Diana Harwood. We`ll even include a link back to your online store, if you have one!

4. Have a pattern or tutorial you want to share with the world? Here`s the form to become a pattern author, you could have your pattern delivered to our thousands of subscribers to our Free Jewelry Patterns list! Click here to submit your Pattern Idea.

5. Love to share on Facebook? Be a Fan and join our Facebook community, which is full of beautiful and breathtaking wire jewelry pieces made by people just like you! Get feedback and meet new friends: click here to find Wire-Sculpture on Facebook.

Happy jewelry making!

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  1. avatar

    Mary Hallengren

    August 1, 2012 at 11:47 pm

    I am having a terrible time photographing my designs and I can’t afford the fancy equiptment addvertised on A TV show.
    I have used 4 diff cameras and all my shots are blury can anyone give me some suggestions. I would like to send some of my creations.

    Thank you,

    Mary H

    • avatar


      August 2, 2012 at 3:49 pm

      Hi Mary, if your shots are always blurry, there are 3 problems that I can think of (because I have been there, believe me!) :
      1. Are you using the zoom on your camera, or are you always zoomed out? Cameras these days are good enough that you can take a picture of the piece from a foot away and then crop the image on the computer. Using the zoom and/or taking the picture too close to the piece will give a blurring effect. Try working with no zoom and see how it turns out.

      2. Macro setting: On my camera, this looks like a tulip. This will allow your camera to focus better on the jewelry piece. Check your camera manual to find how to turn this on – it made a big difference for me!

      3. Last but not least, my problem was mostly my own shaky hands. Among the cameras you tried, I’m sure at least one of them has a timer setting. Play with it until you find what works for you. My problem was twofold: I shook holding the camera, and then I really shook it pressing the button to take the picture! Setting the camera on a tripod and setting the timer, so there’s no button to press, really made a huge difference for me. If you don’t have a tripod, you can place the camera on a stack of books or rig something up :)

      Hope this helps, Mary, would love to see your pieces!

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    May 12, 2016 at 7:07 pm

    Can you let me know a sourc e on how to form complex wire for pendant and earrings I have looked nothing like the ones on pintest and esty