Shop for Wire Jewelry – on the Internet

By on December 2, 2009
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Buying gifts, especially wire jewelry  can be a challenge if you choose to go the retail route in and out of stores.  It is particularly difficult to find custom pieces “in a store.”  So, why not take your journey to buying online?  This article will help you find the right pieces for your loved ones.

First of all, you need to make your list of whom you are buying for and what they might like.  Ask friends or other family members about your idea to buy a piece or set of jewelry for someone to find out what he/she thinks would be a great piece of jewelry whether it be a ring, necklace, earrings or a matching set!  Ask what their favorite colors are if you don’t know and if they like dainty things or robust?  This will help you narrow down the “look and feel” of the jewelry gift idea.

Next you will want to search online for jewelry “stores,” and maybe not so much a store but a designer of jewelry.  There are many jewelry designers, each with a website on line complete with pictures and pricing.  You can peruse to your heart’s content without interruption or pestering by a salesperson.  Wire jewelry is very popular because of its unique designs and wide range of creative possibility – with almost every piece being custom. So, search for keywords like, “wire jewelry designers,” or “shop for wire jewelry,” etc.

Be sure to search far and wide to see what’s out there and to get a sense of price, quality, and other features.  Compare and contrast and narrow your search to what you believe are the best value closest to what you envision your special one will love.  You can then share your various selections with your key people who are assisting you in finding the right piece(s).  There are often share buttons or you can grab the URL and email it to someone.  They can comment before you make your choice, just in case you are not sure.

Before you buy, check the return or exchange policy.  Don’t forget you can call the designer directly if you have questions.  Most online merchants will gift wrap your purchase before shipping for free, especially during the holiday season.  Be sure to ask about insurance so that if the item goes missing, you are covered.  Finally, be sure to print a copy of your receipt and hide it so that if your special someone frequents your receipt area, they won’t find it!