How to Create a Blog – Especially Wire Jewelry Artists!

By on November 17, 2009
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You’ve probably been hearing from every direction that you need a blog if you are going to remain competitive in your wire jewelry business.  But you ask, how, where, what?  You are not alone since it is new, directions can sometimes be more technical and hard to grasp and it seems overwhelming to write.  So, this article is to make it really simple to get and use a blog!

Step one is to pick a blog solution (software) that is online and easy to set up.  You also want to pick one that actively optimizes their blog so that YOUR articles show up in search results.  One that I personally like the best is WordPress.  You can do a search in Google right now for the term: “teach kids a new hobby,” and you will find that my blog post in WordPress shows up first!  See why I like it?

So, step one is to open your account by going to: and creating your blog.   Select a name that represents your business.  Be sure to validate your account and then put your username and password in a safe place so you can access your account.

The next step is to click on “new post” so you can submit your first article.  The first piece of information you will enter is the title.  The title is extremely important.  Think about what someone searching will enter as a key word or words.  For example, my title for teaching kids a new hobby did not even have jewelry in it.  You may want to cast a wide net like I did for new readers, but to start, use words that relate directly to your business.  So, if you make “ornate gold wire jewelry” then use those key words in your title.  Some articles you will be broad in your title and yet others will be narrow.  Experiment by doing both and then viewing how many people have read your articles and lean toward the style that attracts the most.

Next you will cut and paste or just type in your article.  You will want to use the keywords you used in your title in your article too.  The key words that are directly related to your business you will want to link back to your website – once or twice.  There is a link tool just above the box where you enter your article – highlight the text and then click on the “chain link” icon.  Enter your web address and best to open it in a separate window so that someone does not leave your blog.

After this you will copy and paste the first paragraph or so in the “excerpt” box.  Finally, you’re ready to assign the keywords and categories to your article.  Create a few different categories such as “special offers,” or possibly types of jewelry pieces.  Don’t forget to add tags related to your jewelry and your business.  This helps the search engines pick you up – based on the keywords entered, the keywords in your article and the keywords in your title.

Now it is time to click the “publish” button and visit the page to view it.  The link to the “visit site” is at the top next to the URL that you selected for your blog name.  That’s all there is to it.  So now that you have clear, easy and concise instructions on how to create a blog – go for it!