Use Twitter to Promote Your Wire Jewelry Business

By on November 9, 2009
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The Internet landscape changes all the time with new tools emerging.  These tools provide better and faster ways of doing things and one of the latest and greatest features is Twitter.  What is Twitter?  It is a social networking tool that helps people to share information quickly.  Facebook is similar but more expansive in that Twitter is basically a “text message” direct to your audience while Facebook offers many sharing tools, an extensive profile, and pages where lots of information is posted.

This article will help you get started using Twitter, if you haven’t already.  As a business owner, designing and creating wire jewelry you will want to use it to connect repeatedly with your “followers.”  To watch a video about how to set up and use Twitter, click on this link:  Watching this video is the fastest way to get and implement it.

To add to Twitter’s instructional video, I’d like to include some marketing tips when using it so that it is effective for you.  After your account is open and you’ve done a couple of tweets to practice you will want to start following people.  So, reach out to the websites of your friends, family and customers first and start following them.  You do this by finding the “Twitter” icon on their website that signifies you will follow them.  Click and find the follow button on their Twitter page.

Next, you will want to search for others interested in jewelry – so search using the keywords of those that you are trying to reach such as “jewelry lovers” or just “jewelry.”  To start with, don’t worry about the competition following you or you following them; you need to build your audience.  Follow as many as you can and then wait for the return “follows,” what most people do when they are notified that you are following them.  Whenever someone follows you, it is recommended you return the favor.  The reason is, you need to get your follow numbers up to be perceived as a “force” as a wire jewelry designer.

Be sure to ADD your “follow” Twitter badge to your website in a prominent place so that people will follow you – especially your customers or prospective customers.  Also, add the icon to the signature of your emails by pasting the icon in it, and hyper-linking the icon to your Twitter page.  Most people communicating with you will appreciate being able to stay connected to you without having to go back to your website over and over again – instead being notified of when you announce a new piece, line or special offer.

Next visit: – a website where you can add yourself for free, using your location and keywords to connect with those looking to follow jewelry designers.

Finally, the information you post in your Twitter account is important.  ALWAYS include your website URL or a URL to the article or blog post you want to share.  Also, do share and cross market and promote your other communications such as Facebook Page entries, article submissions, and blog posts.  Type a quick intro to it and then the link.  Remember, you only have 140 characters so use it wisely.

Start now by following Wire Sculpture! Happy Tweeting!