Become a Personal Jewelry Artist

By on November 4, 2009
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You love to make jewelry but don’t like the impersonal process of making it for a retail outlet, ending up in the hands of “random people.”  How about switching gears and put your shingle out as a “Personal Jewelry Artist” with a tag line something like: “Custom-made jewelry you can afford!”  If you do this, you can build your client list of repeat customers, genuinely and uniquely create pieces that are just perfect for the person, and then be there whenever they need a repair or when they have a friend needing a piece or two.

Again, this is just another avenue for you to realize a commercial outlet for your talent and a secure one that will always put orders in your pipeline.  Additionally, when you have many pleased customers they will be your marketing resource, promoting you anytime you ask, including suggesting to their friends and family that you make holiday pieces and/or gifts for yet others.

Approaching jewelry sales this way is just like being commissioned to do a painting.  It is your job to translate what someone is asking for into the piece they desire.  Creating custom pieces like this can also fetch a higher price.  And finally, it fits in the world of fashion as much as a “personal shopper” or a tailor – it’s just that you don’t hear about it that much!  As a result of it not being so common only means you’ll have to be clear when you promote your business in this way and you probably won’t have much competition!

First start off with friends and family to spread the world – creating a nice piece of creative showing off your product – both as pieces and of someone wearing them.  Don’t go “cheap” on this promotional piece since it will be your storefront.  Hire a designer, have the photographs professionally shot, and then get it printed in full color professionally.  The cost of printing is low now-a-days since it has all gone, “digital.”

Be sure to include in your brochure a clear list of what you offer, how it is custom, what wire jewelry supplies/materials you will use and probably most importantly, an “ideas” list to trigger possible order ideas for those who read it.  For example, you might want to list various jewelry pieces you make like “rings” or maybe a baby’s baptismal bracelet, or wine glass jewelry; possibly an anniversary necklace or golden 50 ring.  Consider also listing “costume grade jewelry” since non-experts may automatically think your service is out of their price-range.  Also, list custom one-of-a-kind pieces just so that prospective clients know they can get that from you too – again communicating ideas is what you need to do as quickly as possible in your brochure.

So, if you are so inclined to expand your business or are starting out new, consider promoting yourself as a “Personal Jewelry Artist” and enjoy the great benefits!