Love to wear rings? Learn how to make them!

By on October 30, 2009
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Do you love jewelry, especially rings, but you just can’t justify the time to search for what you really love nor want to spend the money for a designer to make you one?  Well, do the next best thing – make it yourself!  This might seem to be a tall order but with some instruction, you will not only create exactly what you want, but discover a new talent and add some new creative enjoyment to your life.

Wire Sculpture provides instructional jewelry making DVDs for you to quickly learn how to make wire jewelry rings, wrapping wire with stones and beads.  You will learn how to mix wire colors for stunning results, how to make tight rosettes, as well as tease and connect methods – all easily with step by step instructions.

The wire jewelry expert presenting on the DVDs is Dale “Cougar” Armstrong, a many-year veteran of creating and teaching wire jewelry techniques.  She teaches systematically, building on learning with the goal of advancing abilities with each step.  She shows easy ways also, to achieve results such as how to create the correct prong lengths and how to make shapes that fit faceted stones.  She also demonstrates how to use tools, offers information on cut stone terminology and provides sizing formulas so you get it right every time.

Included with the instructional DVDs are formula cards and written follow-up directions for each and every project so that you have the confidence to create beautiful, unique wire jewelry rings.  You also get bonus items such as a project photo album that contains pictures of each project, both back and front views, in large detail.

Whether you are a beginner or intermediate wire jewelry designer, the wire jewelry instructional videos are for you.  This is a brand new DVD set, just released and was produced in high definition (HD) quality.

So, whether you are looking to create rings for yourself to match various fashion pieces in your closet, or rings as gift items for the holidays, order your DVD now and get started.  You’ll find that creating rings will be very satisfying to your need to be creative!