Learn from the Best – Dale “Cougar” Armstrong

By on October 27, 2009
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New high quality DVD’s have been released with Dale “Cougar” Armstrong as the Instructor – teaching all of us her secrets about wire jewelry making.  Order one by one or by the bundle – you can’t find any wire jewelry making instruction at this level, anywhere!

Why, because I know the producers – they do everything with elegance including the quality of production, picking the right “voice” for the project, and assembling the content into a cohesive and easy-to-learn model.  Learning something new is best taught by those who have the product knowledge and teaching experience – hence why Dale was chosen.

Ms. Armstrong’s new book is out as well – “Wirework: An Illustrated Guide to the Art of Wire Wrapping.”  You may elect to go with the written word but honestly, the ease of learning with a DVD is incomparable – and hence I recommend, if you are a beginner, to start with the entire beginner series (that includes some bonus DVDs).  And of course, buy the book too!

Within this series Dale teaches each project on every DVD exactly as she does in the classroom. Each DVD project teaches the skills and techniques necessary to work from one project into the next, progressing from learning how to straighten, bundle and properly wrap with square wire, to hand shaping and how to properly size and resize pieces.

By purchasing the entire Beginner Series and working through them in order, beginning with Part 1 All Wire Unisex Bracelet and ending with Bonus Part 9 Crystal Finger Bauble, it’s like being in a week long workshop!  This beginner series features 19 different projects, including rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings, and a collar.  Dale also discusses the formulas used and shows project variations so you can incorporate the techniques taught into your own designs.

Dale turns wire “wrappers” into wire “jewelry artists”, encouraging each student to discover and then to develop their own personal style.

So, get yourself lined up with DVDs to learn from, some jewelry making supplies to get started with – winter’s coming and you’ll be glad to indulge yourself in this fun learning experience!

Have fun!

Alexandrea Day