Introducing Coiling & Weaving Wire Jewelry DVDs

By on March 29, 2011
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I have such an exciting announcement for you today!

As all of you know, Dale “Cougar” Armstrong is well-known for her work in square wire. And you’ve probably wondered, “Well, what about round wire? Can’t I use round wire to make entire jewelry pieces, too?”

You definitely can! If you’re subscribed to our Free Email Pattern list, you may already know of Albina Manning, a member of the Wire-Sculpture Faculty. Originally from Russia, and now residing in Arizona, Albina Manning has mastered the art and technique of Coiling and Weaving with Round Wire. We’ve had a wonderful time working with Albina to develop a special series devoted to round wire, and the time has come to share it with you. I am so pleased to announce the release of our latest jewelry instructional DVD Series, featuring Albina Manning: Coiling and Weaving Wire Jewelry Designs!

Coiling & Weaving Wire Jewelry Designs

Coiling and Weaving Series: Beginner Coiling and Weaving Series: Intermediate Coiling and Weaving Series: Advanced
Beginner: Coil Drop Earrings and Arabian Bracelet Intermediate: Sprig Earrings and Moonlight Pendant Advanced: Golden Medallion Pendant and Viking Knit Chain

This three-DVD series has six full-length projects, arranged from beginner to advanced levels. When you order the series, you’ll learn how to sew, weave, coil, and shape with round wire, bringing a whole new look to your jewelry! If you love working with beads, this is a great series for you! You’ll even discover how to make the centuries-old Viking Knit Weave, a creative way to make your own chain, so you can wear your handmade pendants on your handmade chain!

You can easily take these Coiling and Weaving techniques and apply them to other areas of jewelry making. Once you’ve learned how to mix thin and thick gauges of wire to create gorgeous wrapped designs, you won’t want to stop! Plus, these designs work beautifully in copper and colored craft wire, so you have a whole rainbow of materials to choose from when you weave a pendant or pair of earrings.

Arabian Bracelet, DVD 1
Here are a few of my favorite projects from the Coiling and Weaving Series – I love them all! And you can make them, too.
Sprig Earrings, DVD 2Golden Medallion Pendant, DVD 3


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    Marty Blu

    March 29, 2011 at 3:09 pm

    Ooooowee I can’t wait! The perfect next set for my adventures in working with wire. The Viking Knit looks challenging and how cool to get the step by step. Good choice!

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    April 13, 2011 at 5:00 pm

    Oh Wow I’m gonna love learning the viking Knit for a chain as opposed to buying chain.
    Albina your projects look so nice.
    Thank You for you contribution.