How to Become a Wire Jewelry Artist

By on October 25, 2009
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Talent of any kind is not innate but as a result of practicing an aptitude until a level of achievement demonstrates expertise – and hence then, is an artist born.  The same can also be said of becoming a wire jewelry artist – you’re not born one, you develop yourself into being one.

What then are the steps?  First of all, you need to discover if you have an innate talent for creating “things” with your hands that match what you envision in your mind.  Many would love to be an artist, painting murals or figurines, even pottery or designing glass sculpture.  But, if you can not realize through your hands what you see in your mind, you don’t have the artist access required to become that artist.

There is also the requirement, when working with wire jewelry, to be able to think in 3D.  Why?  Because the craft of making wire jewelry requires thinking in dimensions, placement, color and texture.  Without being able to integrate all of these elements, it is difficult to be this kind of artist.

If you have some innate talent as described above, then you are ripe to become an artist at wire jewelry making.  The next step is then to practice it.  Practicing each step then is what is necessary – first practicing the art through another expert’s knowledge either in a course or through reading / video demonstrations.  Follow the instructions and then reach beyond them adding in your innate knowing to improve upon the piece.  Continue to improve upon what you learn.

Finally, after you have repeatedly learned and followed good techniques and expanded upon them to make them your own, you are ready to start designing your own pieces from within yourself.  Start small and build upon it.  Then get feedback from an expert.  Find encouragement.  Learn about yourself and find out exactly where your “sweet spot” is.

At the end of the day and about 10 years later you will be a wire jewelry expert with a reputation and a following.  Experts aren’t born.  They are developed and it does take about 10 years to become one, in any field…most of all enjoy your journey there!

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    Diane Miller

    October 27, 2009 at 11:02 pm

    I have 4 of Dale’s DVDs from Jewelry TV. I’m hooked.