Make Holiday Gifts for your Friends and Get Paid!

By on October 20, 2009
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At the holidays each of us is looking for ways to find something special for the ones we love and what better way than to have a piece of jewelry hand-crafted!  This year, remind your friends and family that you’ll “take orders” for wire jewelry pieces!

When you ask for business, be clear up front that you are in the business of making jewelry and so while you will give your friend or family member a “special deal,” you will still charge them for materials and labor – your time!  This will help you earn a little extra cash for the holidays and help everyone get something special to give.

In addition to making new wire jewelry pieces you might want to offer “coupons” for wire jewelry repair.  Sometimes we have pieces of jewelry in our jewelry boxes that are in need of it but don’t know where to turn to get things fixed.  There should be some good upside in repair work since it doesn’t take long and the cost of materials will be nominal – here you charge for your time (setting an hourly rate you want to work at and billing accordingly).

You might take it a step further for the holidays and have a wire jewelry making party where you supply the kits (at retail) to friends and family, inviting them to come and make a holiday gift for someone.  You might also have a party showcasing the pieces you have made, serving tea, coffee and some holiday cookies.  Not only does this provide a sales channel but reminds your friends and family of your business and your talent!

Finally, during the holidays it is also a good time to showcase your work on yourself.  Make some holiday pieces that grab attention and when someone compliments you on it, hand them your business card with a smile!

Happy Holidays!