Day 1 of JOGS: Tucson Jewelry Adventure! + Join in the Deals!

By on January 28, 2011
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I hope you enjoy reading this article about our past experiences in Tucson, Arizona. But we can’t wait to see you at the upcoming Tucson 2013 Shows: specifically, the JOGS Show, where the Wire-Sculpture and crew will be supporting at least 18 renowned jewelry instructors at the JewelryTools Classes – teaching over 120 projects! There’s still time for you to sign up, we’d love to see you there – Click here to explore our Tucson Jewelry Classes, Feb 1 – Feb. 12, 2012!

Take a Class at JOGS in Tucson, Arizona!

As promised, here’s my first update from Tucson, Arizona! I’ll be sending you two more updates during the show, so keep an eye out for those – and for some special deals, too!

It’s our first day in Tucson, and it’s sunny! An easy plane ride from snowy Utah to Arizona was all I needed to find the sun and some nice 72° weather – and the beginning of the 2011 JOGS Show in Tucson!

For those of you who don’t know, Tucson welcomes over 40 different gem, mineral, and fossil shows over a few weeks in January and February, delighting about 55,000 different visitors – one of the biggest jewelry events in the world! The show Wire-Sculpture attends is the JOGS show, which lasts from January 28 – February 8, 2011 (learn more by reading Visit the Gem Shows in Tucson!). Every jewelry artist should visit here at least once to find great deals on jewelry supplies, as well as feast their eyes on the incredible materials, gemstones, and fossils that cover the city.

Dale and Shonnie after Setting up the Wire-Sculpture booth at JOGS!
Trucks Setting up for the Show – And Clear, Blue Skies!

This is my first time here at JOGS, but I get to hang out with our owners and with Dale, who’ve been here many, many times – and it’s been amazing already! I hear that today, being the first day, is usually very slow, but there are tons of people here already.

Dale and Shonnie after Setting up the Wire-Sculpture booth at JOGS!
Dale and Shonnie after Setting up the Booth!

We spent today setting up the booth and greeting the first people to come by. Dale and Albina will be teaching classes for the next couple weeks here, and I’m looking forward to brushing up on some technique, as well as getting to meet all the fun people here!

There’s something about shows and fairs that just makes my heart jump. I always love going to fairs, craft shows, and exhibitions, and this is really one of the most exciting events I’ve visited! I will have to hold tightly to my pocketbook – I wish you were here with me. Now, I’ve heard from several people who will be coming to JOGS too, but I think it’s only fair that those of you still at home get to save on jewelry supplies, too!

So here’s the deal. This is my first update email from JOGS, and I’m going to send you two more in the next couple weeks. Every time I send you an update, I’m going to tell you what products are on sale! You’ll be getting great deals on jewelry supplies just like the folks here.

This is my first update email, so here’s our first sale: Save 20% on all Druzy Cabochons, and Save 30% on Cabochons! These druzys and cabs will be on sale through February 5, 2011, so if you’ve got your eye on a few cabs, make sure to place your order by February 5, 2011!

Plus, I’ve got some great savings that are good through February 15th, 2011. You can save 20% on all DVDs, save 60% on Glitter Handle Pliers, and save 60% on Lucky Stone CZs!

Druzy CabochonsCabochonsJewelry Making DVDsLucky Stones

Well, that’s all the news for now from Tucson. I’ll see you again in a couple days!

Rose Marion,


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    Donna Hunt

    January 28, 2011 at 10:02 pm

    I so much wanted to come out for the show. Thanks for the blog, it almost makes me feel I am there!


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    February 4, 2011 at 10:26 pm

    You’re so welcome, Donna! I’m not an amazing photographer, I hope you can make it next year so you can see how amazing it is! More pictures coming soon!