Make Your Holiday Gifts – Wire Jewelry

By on October 15, 2009
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The holidays are quickly approaching and each of us has a long list of gift items to buy over the next couple of months!  How about looking into the fun craft of wire jewelry making and make some wire jewelry for your friends and family members?

First of all creating wire jewelry is easy and it’s fun.  You can create beautiful pieces from pattern kits that include all of the materials, instructions and tools that you need.  Visit to find a wide array of wire jewelry making supplies.

Secondly, this type of gift is unique in that it is handcrafted by you with the love and care you have for the person you are making it for.  I have been given wire jewelry as a gift, made by a friend that knows me well.  It’s a very special item still in my collection of favorite pieces.

Thirdly, you will save time shopping from store to store looking for the perfect gift.  Instead, spend the time making that perfect gift.  Be sure to do a little research before you launch in by looking at what types of jewelry pieces these special friends of yours currently wear.  While you might want to do something “different” you might not want to stray too far from their style.

Finally, order your jewelry supplies in plenty of time so that you have enough time to get them done.  Each piece will take you several hours depending upon intricacies.  You may even want to adventure beyond a kit and find a pattern in a book or magazine.  If needed, you can reach out to someone to ask specifically what the best materials to use will be, in the event the book or magazine doesn’t spell it out.

All in all, creating wire jewelry for holiday gifts will be wonderful for your friends along with the added benefit of learning a new skill.  Hopefully after the holidays you will find time to make yourself some pieces!