Making Perfect Eye Pins by Delilah

By on September 8, 2017
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Wire Jewelry Tip for September 8th, 2017

Making Perfect Eye Pins

by Delilah

Eye pins are another staple of jewelry making, and another finding that is so simple to make. You needn’t spend money on commercial eye pins. If you make your own, you can use any metal and any gauge wire, and make them any length you need for the beads you’re using. And, you can work right off your spool of wire, so there’s no waste at all. Look how easy!

  1. Working off the spool, grasp the very end of your wire in your round-nose pliers so you cannot feel any wire protruding when you run your finger over the top of the jaws. Place within the jaws at whatever diameter loop you want to make. And if you want to make a bunch, mark the jaws with a Sharpie so you can make them all the same size.


  1. Rotate the pliers so you make a complete loop at the end of the wire. At this point, your loop will look like the numeral 9 at the tip of the wire. But you want it centered like a lollipop.


  1. Place the tip of the pliers in the loop, with one jaw inside the loop, and the other one right against the length of wire and gently rotate the pliers just a smidgen, in the direction away from the loop, so the loop becomes centered atop the wire.



  1. Use flush cutters to cut the eye pin to the length you need.



Happy Wrapping!


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