Make Ear Wires from Headpins or Eye pins! by delilah

By on September 1, 2017
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Wire Jewelry Tip for September 1st, 2017

Make Ear Wires from Headpins or Eye pins!

by delilah

If you don’t usually work with wire, or you just happen to run out of ear wires, you can use headpins to make them instantly!

Not only are most of them the right thickness and hardness (usually 0.7 mm), but they happen to be all cut at the same length, making it easy to make consistent pairs. Using headpins, you’ll have awesome ear wires made by you!

You need headpins or eye pins, both are perfect for ear wires. You will also need round nose pliers to make the hanging loop (where needed) and a pen to bend the pins around.

I used 4 material types for these ear wires: copper headpins bronze headpins, gun metal eye pins and golden plated eye pins. I turned them all in ear wires in less than a minute.

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Happy Wrapping!


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    September 4, 2017 at 10:38 pm

    thank you very much for all the wonderful tips you share with your “fans”. Learned so much on projects that looked hard but weren’t – definitely increasing my confidence level.
    I always look forward to your next post!