Free Pattern: Embellished Heart Earrings by Abby Hook

By on August 24, 2017
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by Judy Ellis,

Wire Jewelry Pattern for August 24th, 2017

Embellished Heart Earrings

by Abby Hook


By attaching faceted briolettes to a hammered heart frame, you can create sophisticated, eye catching jewellery, especially when paired with a pair of ‘Embellished Artisan Earwires’.

The finished look of this design is greatly affected by your choice of shape and size of stone. Smaller briolettes give a subtle effect or larger ones can create a bold look!

These earrings measure 2 1/4” tall from the top of the earwire to the bottom of the second briolette.

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  • 28 Gauge Round Dead Soft 14/20 Rose Gold Filled Wire (Pattern Quantity 24 Inches, Product ID:  H6-28D)
  • 1 pair of embellished earwires (Pattern Quantity 1 Piece)
  • 2 heart frames (Pattern Quantity 2 Pieces)
  • teardrop briolettes 6mm x 3mm (Pattern Quantity 2 Pieces)
  • teardrop briolettes 6mm x 4mm (Pattern Quantity 2 Pieces)



Step 1: Since the frames are already made, for this project we get to focus purely on embellishment! You’ll find the detailed instructions for this frame in my Heart Frame Bracelet tutorial. Look for it in the education section here on
Cut a piece of 28 gauge wire 12” long.
Note: – If you are using larger sized beads, use 20” of 28 gauge wire, to avoid running out.
Attach the center of the 28 gauge wire to the centre of the heart by binding 6 times.


Take care not to pull too tightly, as this will force the frame to overlap itself.
Tip: – if it does overlay slightly, squeeze the binding with the nylon jaw pliers gently, until the frame is flat again.
Coil the frame either side of the binding 6 times with the 28 gauge wire to secure the binding.


The coiling also moves the wire along the frame, so that it lines up with the bead holes. Place the briolettes in position to check.


Step 2: Thread a briolette onto the 28 gauge wire, so that it sits inside the heart. Carefully position it so that it points straight up.
Note: –  I find it easier to turn the frame upside down to work on.


Hold the briolette in position between your thumb and forefinger of your less dominant hand and coil the frame once to secure.


Step 3: Now that the stone is attached, it needs to be held firmly in place. This is done using a variation of herringbone weave.
First ensure that your 28 gauge wire is straight, as any small bends will show on the face of the stone. Straighten with the nylon jaw pliers if necessary.
Take the wire over the face of the stone and behind the frame on the opposite side.


Wrap the wire around the frame once to secure.
Take care to make sure that the briolette remains straight during the first couple of wraps as it is not possible to straight it as easily later on.


Step 4: Take the wire behind the briolette and round the frame wire once. Notice how the bead is more securely held now.


Step 5: Repeat so that you have 3 wraps on the front and back of the stone.


Coil the frame 3 times to secure.


Step 6: Thread the second briolette onto the other wire, position the stone and coil the opposite side of the frame once to secure.


Step 7: In the same way as before, take the wire over the face of the stone and coil round the frame once to secure.
Complete the wrap so that you have 3 passes of the wire on the front and back of the stone.
Coil 3 times to secure.


Step 8: Cut the two 28 gauge wire tails, so that the ends are on the inside of the frame and tuck them in as you did with the embellished earwires.


Step 9: Open the loop on the earwires, by twisting the end to one side as shown.
Attach the earring and close the loop by twisting back.

element_5958_abby-hook_embellished-heart-earrings_IMG_1403 element_5959_abby-hook_embellished-heart-earrings_IMG_1406

Step 10: Follow the instructions and complete the second earring. You have finished!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
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For this variation of the earrings, I have used larger, different shaped briolettes. I have also increased the number of wraps around the stones to 5. As you can see, it dramatically changes the design. These earrings measure 2 3/4” tall from the top of the earwire to the bottom of the second briolette.
Materials for these earrings:
Yellow Chalcedony Faceted Marquise Briolettes Size 14x7mm
Tourmaline Faceted Heart Briolette 8 mm
40” 28 gauge soft round wire



Happy Wrapping!

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