Free Pattern: Passion Flower Earrings By Margot Potter

By on August 21, 2017
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by Judy Ellis,

Wire Jewelry Pattern for August 21st, 2017

Passion Flower Earrings

by Margot Potter


Delicate coils of amethyst wire spiral towards hammered and stamped silver flowers for a simply stunning pair of earrings. I love using these coils in my jewelry designs, you can make them in all different colors, vary the lengths, and add beads or crystals in between. They look fabulous on rosary style chain designs or as segments in bracelets and earrings. Don’t fret if you’re not a metal stamping enthusiast, you can add any charms or beads you prefer instead. If you don’t have a Coiling Gizmo, use a metal dowel and hand coil the wire around it, the tool speeds up the process.




Step 1: Place blank on steel block. Cover with sticker, centering blank.

element_5914_margot-potter_passion-flower-earrings_Step One Sticker

Step 2: Stamp center with lower case o. Then stamp four petals as shown. Stamp four dots using awl or dot stamp as shown.

element_5915_margot-potter_passion-flower-earrings_Step Two Stamp Center element_5916_margot-potter_passion-flower-earrings_Step Four Stamp Dots

Step 3: Remove sticker. Use ball end of your hammer to add texture to the blank.

element_5917_margot-potter_passion-flower-earrings_Step Five Hammer Texture

Step 4: Wipe enamel medium or black Sharpie on surface of blank. Wipe off medium with paper towel.

element_5918_margot-potter_passion-flower-earrings_Step Six Add Ink element_5919_margot-potter_passion-flower-earrings_Step Seven Remove Ink

Step 5: Use metal hole punch pliers to pierce hole in top center of blank. 

element_5920_margot-potter_passion-flower-earrings_Step Eight Add Hole

Step 6: Insert blank, stamped side down, into dapping block. Use dapping tool and hammer to dome the blank.

element_5921_margot-potter_passion-flower-earrings_Step Nine Dome Blank

Step 7: Attach lavender wire to the coil handle as shown. Insert the dowel into the tool, secure the wire tail with finger on opposite hand while turning the handle. The wire should coil around the dowel. Make the coil a little longer than 1″.

element_5922_margot-potter_passion-flower-earrings_Step Ten Attach Wire To Handle element_5923_margot-potter_passion-flower-earrings_Step Eleven Make Coils

Step 8: Cut coil from handle, cut into a 1″ coil. Trim and tuck any excess wire. Repeat. 

element_5924_margot-potter_passion-flower-earrings_Step Twelve Remove Coil

Step 9: Cut two 2″ segments of silver wire. Create a wrapped loop at the top of each.

element_5925_margot-potter_passion-flower-earrings_Step Thirteen Coil Top of Wire

Step 10: Insert open end of wire into your coil, bend wire to a 90-degree angle flush to the bottom of your coil. Grasp wire end with your round nose pliers and turn into a wrapped loop. Repeat for second coil. 

element_5926_margot-potter_passion-flower-earrings_Step Fourteen Thread and Loop

Step 11: Attach earring wire to the top of each coil. Attach stamped charms to the bottom of each coil using the jump rings.

element_5927_margot-potter_passion-flower-earrings_Step Fifteen Connect Elements

Happy Wrapping!

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