Free Pattern: Moonstone Woven Wire Bangle by Delilah

By on August 14, 2017
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by Judy Ellis,

Wire Jewelry Pattern for August 14th, 2017

Moonstone Woven Wire Bangle

by Delilah


This is a very versatile wove wire bangle; it can be made in a variety of wire types and stone beads.
The instructions and pictures here are meant to guide you step by step throughout the whole process, from the first bend to the last. I could state this tutorial is for the beginners, as well, but with one condition: arm yourself with patience for working with pretty long wires. On the other hand, everything is simple. A bit of imagination for the last steps and that will do.




Step 1: Cut the 4 feet of 18g wire in half. I made some measurements when shaping the frame of the bangle, and I use metric, so grab a ruler with centimeters and follow along to my photo and measurements.
Take the 2 ft wires and bend one at 25cm, 3.4cm from the first bend, make a second bend. Take the other 2 ft wire and bend one at 30cm and then 3cm from that bend, make a second bend, as shown.


Step 2: Cut 23 feet of 28g wire and then cut that in half. The short end of each frame wire should be slanted a bit, as shown. Place the two frame wires one within the other. With one of the pieces of 28g wire, begin weaving at the middle of the short end of the frame, wrapping the way you see in the following pictures: 4 coils on one wire, 4 on the other. Continue weaving until you’ve woven 8.5″.

element_750_delilah_moonstone-woven-wire-bangle_2 element_751_delilah_moonstone-woven-wire-bangle_3

Step 3:  With the second piece of 28g wire, begin weaving in the other direction, starting next to the first weave, and continuing down the other side of the frame wires for 8.5″.


Step 4: Using chain-nose pliers, or flat-nose pliers, bend the two inner wires, side by side, to match the angle of the other end of the bracelet.

element_758_delilah_moonstone-woven-wire-bangle_5 element_759_delilah_moonstone-woven-wire-bangle_6

Step 5: Using the weaving wire left on the shorter side of the bracelet, continue the weaving around the corner and the length of the end.

element_774_delilah_moonstone-woven-wire-bangle_7 element_775_delilah_moonstone-woven-wire-bangle_8

Step 6: Gently bend back the inner frame wire with your fingers, so the bend fits inside the sharp bend of the frame. Trim the wire to about an inch. Use round-nose pliers to make a small closed loop in the opposite direction. Then gently push it in place against the frame. 

element_776_delilah_moonstone-woven-wire-bangle_9 element_777_delilah_moonstone-woven-wire-bangle_10 element_778_delilah_moonstone-woven-wire-bangle_11

Step 7: With the outer wire, use round-nose pliers to create a figure-8, one larger loop next to a smaller one, trim and press it against the frame.

element_779_delilah_moonstone-woven-wire-bangle_12 element_780_delilah_moonstone-woven-wire-bangle_13

Step 8: With the 28g weaving wire, weave the the small loop of the figure-8 to the frame wire. 


Step 9: On the other corner, use a round-nose pliers to create a loop with the frame wire along the long side of the bracelet, as shown.

element_783_delilah_moonstone-woven-wire-bangle_16 element_784_delilah_moonstone-woven-wire-bangle_17 element_785_delilah_moonstone-woven-wire-bangle_18

Step 10: Trim the frame wire on the short end of the bracelet to about 1/4″ and using round-nose pliers, make a small loop that sits next to the larger one you just made.

element_786_delilah_moonstone-woven-wire-bangle_19 element_787_delilah_moonstone-woven-wire-bangle_20

Step 11: Before trimming the long frame wire, gently wrap it around the length of the end, like a vine, for embellishment. Wrap the end snugly around the frame and trim. Pinch closed with chain-nose pliers.

element_788_delilah_moonstone-woven-wire-bangle_21 element_790_delilah_moonstone-woven-wire-bangle_22 element_791_delilah_moonstone-woven-wire-bangle_23

Step 12: Now we’ll coil the 22g length of wire with the remaining 28g wire. Coil tightly and snugly around the 22g wire, and alternate adding a crystal and then a moonstone bead every 3/4″-1″ for the length of the wire. Be sure to string the beads over both the core wire and the 28 wrapping wire, then continue coiling after each bead.

element_789_delilah_moonstone-woven-wire-bangle_24 element_792_delilah_moonstone-woven-wire-bangle_25 element_793_delilah_moonstone-woven-wire-bangle_26

Step 13: Make a small loop at one end of the coiled wire and use the remaining 28g wire to secure it tightly to the frame with a few wraps. Bend this coiled wire in loops and curls, in a freeform design. As the bends touch the frame, secure them with some wrapping wire, as shown in these photos.

element_794_delilah_moonstone-woven-wire-bangle_28 element_795_delilah_moonstone-woven-wire-bangle_29 element_796_delilah_moonstone-woven-wire-bangle_30

Step 14: Continue to loop and bend and attach with 28g wire. When you reach the other end of the bracelet, wrap the 22g wire around the inside loop of the frame, and trim and pinch in all wire ends. Trim any loose wires elsewhere.

element_799_delilah_moonstone-woven-wire-bangle_31 element_800_delilah_moonstone-woven-wire-bangle_32 element_801_delilah_moonstone-woven-wire-bangle_33

Step 15: Using a bracelet mandrel or soup can, bend the bracelet around the can, bending the ends past each other.

element_804_delilah_moonstone-woven-wire-bangle_36 element_805_delilah_moonstone-woven-wire-bangle_37

Happy Wrapping!

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  1. avatar

    Jacky O'Callaghan

    August 14, 2017 at 8:24 am

    This is gorgeous, and your instructions and photos are so clear. Thank you.

  2. avatar

    Lisa Tulla

    August 14, 2017 at 11:03 pm

    I would really like to receive more patterns. I’m new at jewelry making and I’m excited about all of the potential projects. The step by step pictures are great!

  3. avatar

    Karen Meador

    August 15, 2017 at 5:43 am

    The pictures in this tutorial are outstanding. Thanks for sharing.

  4. avatar

    Linda Regulski

    August 16, 2017 at 10:17 am

    Thank you for this wonderful tutorial, it is simply stunning!