Combine Chain Maille with your Other Crafts by Marilyn Gardiner

By on August 9, 2017
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Wire Jewelry Article for August 9th, 2017


Many people who make chain maille jewelry also make (or used to make) jewelry with other techniques. Maybe it was bead stringing or beadweaving or Kumihimo or wirework or lampwork or metalwork or fused glass or metal clay or polymer clay or felting or leatherwork or resin or raku—and I could continue… For additional ideas, search for Jewelry Making Techniques on Pinterest.

Here are a few examples to get you started thinking about the possibilities of using chainmail with your other artistic skills. There will be additional examples in my next book that will be published by Kalmbach in 2018.

With Lampwork (Art Glass) Beads

Beads by Nikki Thornburg of Thornburg Bead Studio, North Carolina, are the focus. Sterling silver rings made the Japanese 12-in-2 flower components, and they combine beautifully with the lampwork flower beads. See my book Modern Chainmail Jewelry for detailed instructions to make this necklace.


With Metalwork

A metalwork cloud by Barbara Garrett, Originals Beads & Gems, San Antonio TX is the focus of this necklace. Japanese 12-in-2 flowers in sterling silver wire are joined to build a lovely triangle pendant and chain.

Above the Clouds JapFl Originals 20.11.22

With Raku

A Raku heart by Marianne Kasparian of Maku Studio, Colorado is added to the clasp. Round maille sections in sterling silver, and wire wrapped bead links with faceted pearls and silver beads complete this necklace.

Around My Heart 16.47.15

With Beadweaving

This is my Pathways pendant (2 levels of square stitch) with a Jens Pind Linkage chain made from 18awg black enameled craft wire from Parawire.

Pathways Pend-JPL chain 11.33.49

With Beadstringing

I strung the center section of beads are on flexible beading wire, then finished the ends using crimp beads, wire protectors, and crimp covers. A jump ring joins the front section to a silver S-clasp, and from that to the Jens Pind chainmail side chains.


With Kumihimo

This is one of my favorite-to-wear pieces. The front section is Kumihimo that uses three colors of Unicorne teardrop beads. The side sections use sterling jump rings in the Foxtail weave (aka Full Persian 12 in 2). And the triangular clasp even has some small onyx stones!

Kumihimo-FP6-1--Unicorne 12.10.12

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