Free Pattern: Heart Pendant By Oksana Truhan

By on July 13, 2017
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by Judy Ellis,

Wire Jewelry Pattern for July 13th, 2017

Heart Pendant

by Oksana Truhan


This heart framed pendant is filled with freeform weaving and beads. That means, you’re free to create your own freeform design and add your favorite beads. Make it as simple or as ornate as you like!




Step 1: Use my pattern or sketch your own heart frame and trace it with the 14g wire.

element_5325_oksana-truhan_heart-pendant_P1190990 element_5326_oksana-truhan_heart-pendant_P1190927

Step 2: Cut 2″ of 14g wire for the bail.


Step 3: Flatten the wire from the back side and smooth the ends with a file.

element_5330_oksana-truhan_heart-pendant_P1190929 element_5331_oksana-truhan_heart-pendant_P1190930 element_5332_oksana-truhan_heart-pendant_P1190933 element_5333_oksana-truhan_heart-pendant_P1190934

Step 4:  Solder the point of the heart together, and solder the bail wire to the top back of the heart frame. Pickle and rinse to clean.

element_5336_oksana-truhan_heart-pendant_P1190938 element_5337_oksana-truhan_heart-pendant_P1190939element_5338_oksana-truhan_heart-pendant_P1190940

Step 5: Bend the bail wire over round-nose pliers to form the bail and trim any excess.


Step 6: Gently hammer the heart to work harden it. It will be soft after soldering.


Step 7: Use 16g wire to form the inside decorative wire. Trace my sketch or create your own pattern.

element_5344_oksana-truhan_heart-pendant_P1190942 element_5345_oksana-truhan_heart-pendant_P1190946

Trim the wire and file smooth the ends. Make sure the piece fits within the heart frame. Determine where you’d like to put beads.


Step 8: Gently flatten the decorative inside wire, bending open the design where necessary to reach all areas. Try not to hammer where the wires crisscross each other as that weakens the wire.

element_5349_oksana-truhan_heart-pendant_P1190948 element_5350_oksana-truhan_heart-pendant_P1190949

Step 9: Using 28g wire, wrap the inside wire to the frame in several spots.

element_5352_oksana-truhan_heart-pendant_P1190951 element_5353_oksana-truhan_heart-pendant_P1190951

Step 10: Use the 18g wire again to form a second layer of decorative inside wire. Be generous with your design and go outside, over, and under the frame for embellishment.

element_5355_oksana-truhan_heart-pendant_P1190953 element_5356_oksana-truhan_heart-pendant_P1190955

Use the torch to ball the ends and pickle and clean the balls.


Step 11: Wrap and last the news decorative piece of wire to the frame and the previous 18g wire using 28g wire. Add the beads where you want them to sit by stringing them onto the 28g wire.

element_5361_oksana-truhan_heart-pendant_P1190958 element_5362_oksana-truhan_heart-pendant_P1190959 element_5363_oksana-truhan_heart-pendant_P1190960

Step 12: Continue to wrap and weave the wires together at different points on the frame. Add more beads.

element_5365_oksana-truhan_heart-pendant_P1190961 element_5366_oksana-truhan_heart-pendant_P1190962 element_5367_oksana-truhan_heart-pendant_P1190963

Step 13: If you feel you want another layer of embellishment wire, use 20g to make another piece for inside the frame.


Don’t forget to ball the ends of this piece and pickle and rinse.


Add any more beads you want.


Step 14: Use the 28g wire to make small sections of weaving along various wires for decoration and strength.

element_5375_oksana-truhan_heart-pendant_P1190967 element_5376_oksana-truhan_heart-pendant_P1190968

Step 15: In order to really bring out the detail of the piece, oxidize it in liver of sulfur. Rinse and dry, and then polish to remove some of the oxidization.

element_5378_oksana-truhan_heart-pendant_P1190969 element_5379_oksana-truhan_heart-pendant_P1190970

Happy Wrapping!

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