Free Pattern: Wire-wrapped Bead Link Bracelet by Abby Hook

By on July 10, 2017
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by Judy Ellis,

Wire Jewelry Pattern for July 10th, 2017

Wire-wrapped Bead Link Bracelet

by Abby Hook


A simple way to add extra interest to a beaded chain is to create wrapped links. Not only is this style of chain very strong, you can also easily add extra detail by wrapping the wire around the beads.  This makes the chain pretty enough to use on its own or make a focal necklace extra special.

The finished look is greatly affected by using different sized and shaped beads.

The finished length of this bracelet is 8 inches, with an inside circumference of 7 inches due to the size of the beads. You can adjust the length by increasing or decreasing the number of wrapped links you use accordingly.




Step 1: Start with a 10mm bead. Cut a 7” length of 20 gauge wire. Straighten by holding one end in the chain nose pliers and pulling the length through the nylon jaw pliers a couple of times.
TIP: Each bead is wrapped using one piece of wire, which forms the fat wrap loops and also spiral around the bead. Therefore, different sized beads require different amounts of wire. For the purposes of this lesson, we are wrapping 8, 10, and 16mm beads but you can use any size you like. If you are unsure of wire length, use a piece too long, rather than too short. Measure it and you will know for next time! (See the end of the tutorial for wire lengths for the bracelet).


Step 2: Thread the bead onto the wire and place it in the centre (in this case at 3 1/2”).


Grasp the wire immediately after the bead with the flat nose pliers and bend the wire by 45° against the jaw of the pliers, using your thumb.


Step 3: Remove the bead. Grasp the wire with the round-nose pliers just after the bend. Shape the wire around the jaw, so that the loop wire forms a 90° angle to the straight wire.
TIP: For this chain, with larger beads, I am using the center of the jaw to form a loop 3/16” across. For smaller beads, you will want to form a small loop, so that it does not look oversized.

element_5287_abby-hook_wire-wrapped-bead-link-bracelet_IMG_1091 element_5286_abby-hook_wire-wrapped-bead-link-bracelet_IMG_1085

Step 4:  Now that the loop is formed, it needs to be wrapped, securing it closed and creating the base for the final wrap. Grasp the loop flat, with the chain nose pliers, so that the loop wire points straight up from the pliers. Wrap the loop wire around the straight wire, using your fingers to pull the wire round, keeping the wires at a 90° angle at all times. Coil 3 times.

element_5290_abby-hook_wire-wrapped-bead-link-bracelet_IMG_1097 element_5291_abby-hook_wire-wrapped-bead-link-bracelet_IMG_1100 element_5292_abby-hook_wire-wrapped-bead-link-bracelet_IMG_1103

Step 5: Thread the bead back onto the wire. Grasp the wire with the flat nose pliers, just after the bead. Bend 45° in the opposite direction to the existing loop. Form a loop and wrap 3 times as before.
Ensure that the straight wires are pointing in opposite directions and adjust if necessary.

element_5295_abby-hook_wire-wrapped-bead-link-bracelet_IMG_1109 element_5296_abby-hook_wire-wrapped-bead-link-bracelet_IMG_1115 element_5297_abby-hook_wire-wrapped-bead-link-bracelet_IMG_1118 element_5298_abby-hook_wire-wrapped-bead-link-bracelet_IMG_1124

Step 6: Grasp one loop flat in the chain nose pliers and shape the wire coming from that loop around the bead to the loop on the opposite side, by grasping the end with your fingers and gently shaping it around the bead.


Coil once, locking the wire in between the existing coils.


Repeat on the other side.


Step 7: Continue coiling around the existing coils on either end, by grasping one loop with the chain nose pliers and the wrapping wire with the flat nose pliers, ensuring that the coils sit in between each existing coil. This creates a double layer wrap.


Step 8: Trim the tail wire close to where the loop wires cross, (taking great care not to catch the wrong wire with the cutters!). Tuck the end into the loop with the chain nose pliers.

element_5310_abby-hook_wire-wrapped-bead-link-bracelet_IMG_1156 element_5311_abby-hook_wire-wrapped-bead-link-bracelet_IMG_1159

The link is now complete!


Step 9: The bracelet is made up of the following beads and wire lengths:

1 x 16mm bead – 8” 20 gauge wire each
4 x 10mm beads – 7” 20 gauge wire each
2 x 8mm beads – 6” 20 gauge wire each

Remember to add the previous link that you made to the loop of the new link before you close it!
TIP: Make the loop at the opposite end to the hammered hook clasp slightly larger than the other loops, to accommodate the thicker wire of the clasp and make closing it slightly easier.


Happy Wrapping!

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    Connie MacDonald

    July 10, 2017 at 2:09 pm

    Live this pattern

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    July 11, 2017 at 3:42 pm

    I can’t Waite to try this.. Thanks

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    July 12, 2017 at 7:57 am

    The Materials list has 10 gauge wire, but the Directions have 20 gauge wire. Which is correct?

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      July 17, 2017 at 12:54 pm

      It should be 20 Gauge, thanks for catching that, we’ve updated it now.

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    Laura B.

    July 15, 2017 at 7:50 am

    Just the inspiration I needed today!