Free Pattern: Venetian Glass Chain Maille Bracelet by Kylie Jones

By on July 6, 2017
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by Judy Ellis,

Wire Jewelry Pattern for July 6th, 2017

Venetian Glass Chain Maille Bracelet

by Kylie Jones


An intricate chain maille bead cap with a helm chain border sets off these gorgeous hand blown glass beads.


  • 20 gauge AWG 0.8mm ID 1/8″ 3.2mm jump rings (Pattern Quantity – 24 Pieces)
  • 18 gauge AWG 1mm ID 5/32″ 4.1mm jump rings (Pattern Quantity – 21 Pieces)
  • 18 gauge AWG 1mm ID 3/16″ 5mm jump rings (Pattern Quantity – 30 Pieces)
  • 16 gauge AWG 1.2mm ID 13/64″ 5.4mm jump rings (Pattern Quantity – 24 Pieces)
  • 16 gauge AWG 1.2mm ID 5/16″ 8.2mm jump rings (Pattern Quantity – 24 Pieces)
  • 11mm sterling clasp (Pattern Quantity – 1 Piece)
  • 15mm Venetian glass oval beads (Pattern Quantity – 4 Pieces)



Step 1: Using the 3.2mm rings place 4 closed rings on an open ring and close the ring.


Step 2: Split the 4 rings so you have a 2-1-2 chain. With an open ring go through one set of 2 rings add 2 closed rings and close the ring. You now have a 2-1-2-1-2 chain.

element_2455_kylie-jones_venetian-glass-chain-maille-bracelet_2a element_2456_kylie-jones_venetian-glass-chain-maille-bracelet_2b element_2457_kylie-jones_venetian-glass-chain-maille-bracelet_2c

Step 3: To join this chain into a circle take an open ring and go through the first and last 2 ring links.

element_2458_kylie-jones_venetian-glass-chain-maille-bracelet_3a element_2460_kylie-jones_venetian-glass-chain-maille-bracelet_3b

Step 4:  Place this chain ring onto a bamboo skewer, making sure to go through the center of the chain circle and not through any rings.

element_2459_kylie-jones_venetian-glass-chain-maille-bracelet_4a element_2461_kylie-jones_venetian-glass-chain-maille-bracelet_4b

Step 5: The 3 sets of 2 rings have the one ring lying on the other. Flip the top ring over 180 degrees so it lies flat against the skewer, do this for all 3 top rings. You may need to slide the whole piece down towards the point where the bamboo is thinner to be able to rotate all 3 rings. This piece is now 3 rows of round maille. 

element_2462_kylie-jones_venetian-glass-chain-maille-bracelet_5a element_2463_kylie-jones_venetian-glass-chain-maille-bracelet_5b element_2464_kylie-jones_venetian-glass-chain-maille-bracelet_5c

Step 6: For the next row using the 5/32″ rings take an open ring and go through 2 rings that are next to each other at the point where they meet, close the ring.


Step 7: Take another open ring and moving around the piece go through the next 2 rings where they meet and close the ring. 


Step 8: To add the last ring of the row go through the last place where 2 rings are next to each other. 


Step 9: Add another row exactly as before using the same 5/32″ rings.


Step 10: Add 2 rows with 3/16″ rings. 


Step 11: Add one row with 13/64″ rings.


Step 12: Add 2 rows with 5/16″ rings. At this point you can pop one of the glass ovals inside the chain. If you find it keeps coming out and is difficult to manage you can wait until you have completed the next row and put it in then.


Step 13: Add one row with 13/64″ rings. 


Step 14: Add 1 row of 3/16″ rings, 1 row of 5/32″ rings and 1 row of 3/16″ rings. 


Step 15: Repeat rows 11-14. This adds the second enclosed glass bead.


Step 16: Repeat rows 11-14 once more. This gives you 3 enclosed glass beads. 


Step 17: Repeat rows 11-13 then add 2 rows with 3/16″ rings and 2 rows with 5/32″ rings. Now there are 4 enclosed beads.


Step 18: Add 3 rows with 1/8″ rings. If you want to increase the length you can add more rows with 1/8″ rings at both ends. 


Step 19: To finish off the ends you work 2 partial rows that taper to 1 ring. The first of these 2 rows is exactly as before but you only add 2 rings not 3, the place where the third ring would be added is left empty. 


Step 20: The 2nd of the tapered end rows is just one ring. It goes through both rings of the previous row where they meet. On one end add a clasp to this last ring before you close it. 


Happy Wrapping!

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    Lynda watkins

    July 6, 2017 at 8:42 am

    This looks really interesting and would love to try it, thanks for the pattern, so well laid out and looks easy to follow.