Non-Tarnishing Storage for Sterling Wire By Denise Peck

By on June 30, 2017
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by Judy Ellis,

Wire Jewelry Tip for June 30th, 2017

Non-Tarnishing Storage for Sterling Wire

by Denise Peck


I know this is a huge problem for me and anyone else who lives in a humid climate. But even in any climate, any prolonged exposure to the air will tarnish your sterling and silver-filled wire. Well here’s a simple, and free tip for keeping your silver wire tarnish-free.

You know those little silica gel packets you find in the shoe boxes of your new shoes? They’re also often packed inside new handbags. Those are dessicant packs, or moisture absorbers. They will help keep the air dry around them.

If you store your wire coils inside a zipped plastic bag and throw in a silica gel pack, your silver wire will remain tarnish free! For free! Just stop throwing away those little packs when you come upon them in your purchases!

shoe box Silica gel packs wire in a bag

Happy Wrapping!


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