The Five Cs of Wire Wrapping: Step 3: Coil By Melissa Cable

By on June 28, 2017
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by Judy Ellis,

Wire Jewelry Tip for June 28th, 2017

The Five “Cs” of Wire Wrapping: Step 3 Coil

by Melissa Cable

We are back with Step 3 of the 5 C’s of wire wrapping. This time, we’ll focus on the wrapped coil that closes the circle you created and makes a secure connection.

Once again we will alternate between plier and wire movements. In this step, when we are moving the wire the pliers will be moving, however they are moving just as an extension to your hand. Technically, you could wrap the coil by holding the wire with your fingers, but this is not always possible with short wire tails or heavier gauge wires, so it is best to learn to use the pliers. Moving the pliers as an extension to your hand is okay, but don’t twist or pivot them during wire movements. Remember, one movement at a time.

Plier(s): Hold the circle you just created with the chain-nose pliers. The short wire tail coming from the circle should be pointed up to the ceiling. Grab the tip of the wire tail with the tip of your pliers (round-nose or chain-nose).

Wire: Wrap the wire tail towards you, around the other wire for one half turn. Remember not to pivot your pliers.

Plier: Open up your pliers and reposition them so your hand is parallel to the table again, this will prevent the end of the wire from wrapping around your pliers. You may end of with a small U shape at the end of your tail, and it is okay to keep grabbing the wire with your pliers here.

Repeat the last two wire and plier movements until you have 2-3 wraps.

TIP: When possible, end your wrapped coil so that the wire tail is perpendicular to the circle. We’ll talk about how this will help you cut more cleanly in Step 4 next week.

You’ve now complete three of the five steps to perfect wire wrapped loops!
Step 1: Circle
Step 2: Connect
Step 3: Coil

Coming Up!
Step 4: Cover then Cut
Step 5: Clean

Happy Wrapping!


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    July 1, 2017 at 1:30 pm

    On the “5 Cs of Wire Wrapping. Which explanation shows the “Coil”? These instructions are great!

    Thank you