Free Pattern: Loopy Loo Graduated Bracelet by Karen Meador

By on June 26, 2017
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by Judy Ellis,

Wire Jewelry Pattern for June 26th, 2017

Loopy Loo Graduated Wire Bracelet

by Karen Meador

loopy loo

This modern bracelet is easy to make and even easier to embellish with your favorite beads. It’s an eye-catcher!




Step 1: Flush cut your chosen length of the 14-gauge wire. Form one end of the clasp by using the round nose pliers to make a small closed loop and gently pulling this to form the top half of a small S shape. 

element_4183_karen-meador--ph-d-_loopy-loo-graduated-wire-bracelet_Loopy 1 element_4184_karen-meador--ph-d-_loopy-loo-graduated-wire-bracelet_Loopy 2

Step 2: Hammer this clasp end on your bench block to work harden it.

element_4186_karen-meador--ph-d-_loopy-loo-graduated-wire-bracelet_Loopy 3

Step 3: Place the smallest mandrel you selected on top of the wire. 

element_4188_karen-meador--ph-d-_loopy-loo-graduated-wire-bracelet_Loopy 4

Step 4:  Hold the cylinder in place with your right hand and use your left hand to wrap the wire around the tool.

element_4190_karen-meador--ph-d-_loopy-loo-graduated-wire-bracelet_Loopy 5

Step 5: Move the same size cylinder to the other side of the wire and wrap it around to form the second loop which is opposite the first loop.

element_4192_karen-meador--ph-d-_loopy-loo-graduated-wire-bracelet_Loopy 7

Step 6: Repeat steps 3-6 to form the third and fourth loops using the same size cylinder.

element_4194_karen-meador--ph-d-_loopy-loo-graduated-wire-bracelet_Loopy 8

Step 7: Change to the next larger mandrel for creating loops 5-8 in the same manner as you made the first four loops.

element_4196_karen-meador--ph-d-_loopy-loo-graduated-wire-bracelet_Loopy 9

Step 8: Change to the next largest cylinder and create 4 more loops.

element_4198_karen-meador--ph-d-_loopy-loo-graduated-wire-bracelet_Loopy 10 element_4199_karen-meador--ph-d-_loopy-loo-graduated-wire-bracelet_Loopy 11

Step 9: Change to the next larger cylinder and only create TWO loops. (I used the ring mandrel for this size.)

element_4201_karen-meador--ph-d-_loopy-loo-graduated-wire-bracelet_Loopy 12

Step 10: Create two more loops with the largest cylinder. (I used a larger size on the ring mandrel.)

element_4203_karen-meador--ph-d-_loopy-loo-graduated-wire-bracelet_Loopy 13

Step 11: Continue to create loops for the other half of the bracelet working from the next to largest cylinder used in step 9 to the smallest in step 3.

element_4205_karen-meador--ph-d-_loopy-loo-graduated-wire-bracelet_Loopy 15 element_4206_karen-meador--ph-d-_loopy-loo-graduated-wire-bracelet_Loopy 16

Step 12: Create the other end of the clasp. Measure again 1 1/4 inch from the last loop and create a right angle with the extended wire.

element_4208_karen-meador--ph-d-_loopy-loo-graduated-wire-bracelet_Loopy 17

Step 13: Then turn the wire straight back toward the loops.

element_4210_karen-meador--ph-d-_loopy-loo-graduated-wire-bracelet_Loopy 18

Step 14: Flush cut the straight wire leaving about ¾” for making a loop and use the round nose pliers to create this loop in the end of the wire. The loop will lay atop one of the last loops of the bracelet.

element_4215_karen-meador--ph-d-_loopy-loo-graduated-wire-bracelet_Loopy 19

Step 15:  Grasp both pieces of the wire about 1/2 inch from the turn end and form a hook by bending the end back towards the front side of the bracelet.

element_4212_karen-meador--ph-d-_loopy-loo-graduated-wire-bracelet_Loopy 20 element_4213_karen-meador--ph-d-_loopy-loo-graduated-wire-bracelet_Loopy 21

Step 16: Use your hands to carefully manipulate the wire loops into a bracelet shape. You can form it over a bracelet mandrel if desired.

element_4217_karen-meador--ph-d-_loopy-loo-graduated-wire-bracelet_Loopy 22

Step 17: Put the piece on a bracelet mandrel and lightly hammer it with a mallet being careful not to enlarge it. In lieu of a bracelet mandrel, gently hammer the piece from the inside.

element_4219_karen-meador--ph-d-_loopy-loo-graduated-wire-bracelet_Loopy 23

Step 18: The photo below shows how the bracelet clasp ends fit together. I tell folks to put the swirl end under and up through the hook rather than vice versa. This seems to be much easier.

element_4221_karen-meador--ph-d-_loopy-loo-graduated-wire-bracelet_Loopy 24

Step 19: Embellish the bracelet as desired by attaching beads with the 24-gauge wire. Wrap the wire around one side of a loop at least three times. 

element_4223_karen-meador--ph-d-_loopy-loo-graduated-wire-bracelet_Loopy 28

Step 20: Feed a bead onto the wire and attach the wire to the other side of the loop. Note: I like to wrap several times around all the heavier gauge wires where they cross in between the loops. This helps to stabilize the bracelet and help it retain shape. I do this in several different spots on the bracelet.

element_4225_karen-meador--ph-d-_loopy-loo-graduated-wire-bracelet_Loopy 29 element_4226_karen-meador--ph-d-_loopy-loo-graduated-wire-bracelet_Loopy 30

Step 21: Use the lighter gauge wire to wrap the clasp loop you created in step 15 to the bracelet loop upon which it sits.

element_4228_karen-meador--ph-d-_loopy-loo-graduated-wire-bracelet_Loopy 27

Step 22: Continue until you have completed the embellishment that you want.

element_4230_karen-meador--ph-d-_loopy-loo-graduated-wire-bracelet_Loopy 31element_4231_karen-meador--ph-d-_loopy-loo-graduated-wire-bracelet_Loopy 32


Happy Wrapping!

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    Leroy Kelly

    June 26, 2017 at 8:20 am

    Fascinating, really look forward to trying this.

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    June 26, 2017 at 9:17 am

    Love this pattern.