Free Pattern: Wire Bird Pendant with Cabochon By Oksana Truhan

By on June 19, 2017
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by Judy Ellis,

Wire Jewelry Pattern for June 19th, 2017

Wire Bird Pendant with Cabochon

by Oksana Truhan


This wonderful little bird will show you how to wire on a cabochon and solder the copper. Ready to go?!




Step 1: Start by sketching a bird similar to mine. Trace my pattern if that helps. The dimensions are 35mm x 50mm. (Approx. 1.5″ x 2″)

element_5021_oksana-truhan_wire-bird-pendant-with-cabochon_P1190020 element_5022_oksana-truhan_wire-bird-pendant-with-cabochon_P1190080

Step 2: Use the 18g wire to trace the outline of the bird shape.

element_5023_oksana-truhan_wire-bird-pendant-with-cabochon_P1190022 element_5024_oksana-truhan_wire-bird-pendant-with-cabochon_P1190023 element_5025_oksana-truhan_wire-bird-pendant-with-cabochon_P1190025 element_5026_oksana-truhan_wire-bird-pendant-with-cabochon_P1190026 element_5027_oksana-truhan_wire-bird-pendant-with-cabochon_P1190027

Step 3: Notice how I’ve curled the wire into his wing. There must be a solid base of wire for the cabochon base.

element_5029_oksana-truhan_wire-bird-pendant-with-cabochon_P1190029 element_5028_oksana-truhan_wire-bird-pendant-with-cabochon_P1190028

Step 4: Gently hammer the wire flat from the back and file the ends smooth.

element_5030_oksana-truhan_wire-bird-pendant-with-cabochon_P1190032 element_5031_oksana-truhan_wire-bird-pendant-with-cabochon_P1190033

Step 5: Cut a 2″ piece of 18g wire for the bail

element_5032_oksana-truhan_wire-bird-pendant-with-cabochon_P1190048 element_5033_oksana-truhan_wire-bird-pendant-with-cabochon_P1190035

Step 6: Cut 16″ of 20g wire and make the eye for the bird about 1″ from one end as shown. And hammer flat the 1″ tail.

element_5036_oksana-truhan_wire-bird-pendant-with-cabochon_P1190037 element_5037_oksana-truhan_wire-bird-pendant-with-cabochon_P1190038 element_5034_oksana-truhan_wire-bird-pendant-with-cabochon_P1190036

Step 7: Solder the bail wire to the top of the bird at the intersection of as many wires as you can to make it secure.

Tip: I use copper solder because it leaves no traces of solder, but you can use any solder.

element_5038_oksana-truhan_wire-bird-pendant-with-cabochon_P1190042 element_5035_oksana-truhan_wire-bird-pendant-with-cabochon_P1190039

Step 8: File or sand clean the area where you will solder on the 20g wire. Solder the wire to the frame so the eye ends up in the proper place.

Tip: When I solder the 20g wire to the frame, I use a tweezers to hold the wire. That serves as a heat sink and slows down the possible melting of the thin wire as you solder. 

element_5040_oksana-truhan_wire-bird-pendant-with-cabochon_P1190045 element_5041_oksana-truhan_wire-bird-pendant-with-cabochon_P1190046 element_5039_oksana-truhan_wire-bird-pendant-with-cabochon_P1190043

Step 9: Pickle, rinse, and dry the piece. At this point, the soldering will have softened the wire. Use a nylon hammer and anvil to gently work harden the piece.

element_5042_oksana-truhan_wire-bird-pendant-with-cabochon_P1190047 element_5043_oksana-truhan_wire-bird-pendant-with-cabochon_P1190049

Step 10: Trim the excess wire and smooth the end.


Step 11: Make a bail by bending the bail wire over round-nose pliers and turning up the end a bit. Trim an excess wire and file smooth.

element_5045_oksana-truhan_wire-bird-pendant-with-cabochon_P1190051 element_5046_oksana-truhan_wire-bird-pendant-with-cabochon_P1190052

Step 12: With the 20g wire, wrap around the cabochon and then form several “wings” of wire to extend over the top of the cabochon. You can make any pattern you want but make enough that the cab won’t slip through any openings. These wires will be woven to keep the stone snug.

element_5047_oksana-truhan_wire-bird-pendant-with-cabochon_P1190053 element_5048_oksana-truhan_wire-bird-pendant-with-cabochon_P1190054 element_5049_oksana-truhan_wire-bird-pendant-with-cabochon_P1190055 element_5050_oksana-truhan_wire-bird-pendant-with-cabochon_P1190056

Step 13: Use the 28g wire to weave the wing wires together. Begin at the base wires.

element_5051_oksana-truhan_wire-bird-pendant-with-cabochon_P1190057 element_5052_oksana-truhan_wire-bird-pendant-with-cabochon_P1190058 element_5053_oksana-truhan_wire-bird-pendant-with-cabochon_P1190059 element_5054_oksana-truhan_wire-bird-pendant-with-cabochon_P1190060 element_5055_oksana-truhan_wire-bird-pendant-with-cabochon_P1190061

Step 14: Now weave the wires on the other side of the cab. Continue making small sections of weaving anywhere the will secure the cab in its place.

element_5056_oksana-truhan_wire-bird-pendant-with-cabochon_P1190064 element_5057_oksana-truhan_wire-bird-pendant-with-cabochon_P1190065

Step 15: Cut a new piece of 28g wire to coil around the top of the bird and around the base of the bail. Trim all excess wires.

element_5058_oksana-truhan_wire-bird-pendant-with-cabochon_P1190066 element_5059_oksana-truhan_wire-bird-pendant-with-cabochon_P1190067

Step 16: Use liver of sulfur to patina the whole piece. Rinse and dry thoroughly. Wipe off excess with a pro polish cloth, and then polish using your preferred method. Wash the piece with cold water and soap to remove any traces of dirt.

Tip: Copper can dull from moisture in the air. You can choose to use a varnish on the metal if you want, but don’t varnish the stone, just the copper.

element_5060_oksana-truhan_wire-bird-pendant-with-cabochon_P1190069 element_5061_oksana-truhan_wire-bird-pendant-with-cabochon_P1190070 element_5062_oksana-truhan_wire-bird-pendant-with-cabochon_P1190072


Happy Wrapping!

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    Judith Morningstar

    June 20, 2017 at 3:24 pm

    This is realllly cute! I love it.