Free Pattern: Twisted Lapis Earrings

By on May 31, 2017
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by Judy Ellis,

Wire Jewelry Pattern for June 1st, 2017

Twisted Lapis Earrings

by Delilah

Make a beautiful pair of twisted wire earrings with barrel shaped lapis gemstones and silver plated wires. Basic wire wrapping techniques are required for making these earrings. Step-by-step instructions and close-up pictures will be your guide throughout the process.
Although this tutorial is marked as intermediate, every beginner should give it a try, it will be totally worth it.



Alternative Materials:
You can replace the silver-plated craft wire with any wire you want or that you have on hand; lapis beads can be replaced with any other beads, of course, just pay attention to the length of the wire — the larger the beads, the longer the wire you’ll need.



Step 1: Cut 4″ of 20g wire and set it aside. Cut the remaining 20g wire in half. Insert one of the wires through the bead, measure about 2.5″ (6-7 cm) and bend the wire against the bead. Bend the longer end of the wire against the bead on the other side.


Step 2: Pinch the wires together so they cross, and make a sharp bend in the longer wire 1.5″ from the bead.

element_812_delilah_twisted-lapis-earrings_2 element_813_delilah_twisted-lapis-earrings_3

Step 3:
Cut the 28g wire in half. Bend the long frame wire down next to the short frame wire. With one piece of 28g wire, begin weaving, leaving about a 12″ tail. Coil 4 times around the inner wire, then 4 times around both wires. Repeat this weave pattern until you reach the bead.

element_815_delilah_twisted-lapis-earrings_4 element_816_delilah_twisted-lapis-earrings_5

Step 4: Coil the 28g wire along just the outer frame wire beyond the stone for 15 wraps, then add a silver bead. Take the 28g wire over and around the bead and continue wrapping 15 times and adding a bead until you’ve added 10 beads.

element_818_delilah_twisted-lapis-earrings_6 element_819_delilah_twisted-lapis-earrings_8 element_820_delilah_twisted-lapis-earrings_9 element_821_delilah_twisted-lapis-earrings_10

Step 5: Hold the coiled wire with your fingers and twist it around the bead as shown.

element_823_delilah_twisted-lapis-earrings_11 element_825_delilah_twisted-lapis-earrings_15

Step 6: Hold the two frame wires together and weave up the other side, just as you did the first side.

element_827_delilah_twisted-lapis-earrings_18 element_828_delilah_twisted-lapis-earrings_20

Step 7: If you run out of 28g weaving wire, begin weaving down from the top with the 12″ tail. When the frame is fully woven, trim off the 28g wire. Pinch snugly against the frame with chain-nose pliers. Bend the outer wire across the other frame wire and wrap it once snugly around the longer frame wire. Trim any excess 20g wire.

element_830_delilah_twisted-lapis-earrings_23 element_831_delilah_twisted-lapis-earrings_24 element_832_delilah_twisted-lapis-earrings_25 element_833_delilah_twisted-lapis-earrings_26

Step 8: Trim the last frame wire to about 1/2″ and make a small simple loop with round-nose pliers.


Step 9: Add your favorite ear wires, or use the 20g wire we set aside to make your own.

element_838_delilah_twisted-lapis-earrings_30 element_839_delilah_twisted-lapis-earrings_31 element_840_delilah_twisted-lapis-earrings_32

Happy Wrapping!

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  1. avatar

    Kathleen Ruth

    June 1, 2017 at 12:16 pm

    Very pretty! I may try a multicolored version as I have only some of my wire with me right now–mostly colored craft wire.

  2. avatar

    Maria Perez

    June 1, 2017 at 2:33 pm

    I love the method use here to make this earrings. The photos are amazing and easy to follow. I am not this good, so your free patterns helps me to learn new methods with new styles. thank you so much.