Daily Wire Tip May 2: Light Lapidary

By on May 2, 2010
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Daily Wire Jewelry Making Tip
May 02, 2010


I have a rock about the size of a large cobble stone,  beautifully patterned  how can I cut (slice) it so that I can polish it and wrap it to make some unusual pendants?


What you are asking falls under the category ‘Light Lapidary’, as the process involves first using a rock or tile saw to slab the stone and then using either a flat lap or cabochon machine to polish it. To read some of the discussions about polishing, please see these two ‘tips’ and their comments: Getting the perfect shine on a focal gemstone and High Polish and Your Stones

Answer contributed by Dale “Cougar” Armstrong

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    May 3, 2010 at 8:50 am

    You can cut a rock with a tile saw, but to get an even slice, you want a rock “slab” saw with a vise and a cross-feed. These are expensive, and there are a few tricks to using them, so you probably don’t want to run out and buy one, BUT — there are lots of local rock clubs all over the US and elsewhere, and most of them have equipment and are eager to teach new members how to use it. To find a club near you in the US, go to the American Federation of
    Mineralogical Societies web site at http://www.amfed.org/ and click on Regional Federations to find which region you are in, and then go to that Regional Federation site for a list of clubs to find the one nearest you. The Gem & Mineral Federation of Canada’s web site is at http://www.gmfc.ca/ , and there is a worldwide list at http://www.lapidaryworld.com/clubs_worldwide.html — or Google “lapidary” and your location. I found at least 2 listings in Yorkshire, but I don’t have any idea how close they are to you. Good luck!