Bangle Sizing Tip by Abbi Berta

By on May 9, 2017
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by Judy Ellis,

Wire Jewelry Tip for May 9th, 2017

Sizing a Bangle

by Abbi Berta

     Sizing a bangle can almost be an impossible task without the correct knowledge and tools on hand.  The old fashioned string measurement trick isn’t always accurate because strings and tape measures don’t hold their round shape, so they slip more easily over your hand than a bangle, giving an improper measurement.  If you don’t have a bangle sizer, here’s a simple trick to get the perfect size bangle every time.

1. Cut the bottom off of a transparent plastic party cup.

2. Fold your hand as if you were to slide a bangle over it.  Place your hand into the cup as far as it will go without the cup changing shape.

1 bangle tip

3. Using a permanent marker, make a line across the cup where the widest part of your hand stops inside.

4. Measure around the cup at the line and use that measurement for the inner circumference of the bangle you create.

2 bangle tip

Most bangles are created using a steel round bracelet mandrel, but in a pinch, you can shape the bangle directly on the party cup.  Stack a few cups together for extra sturdiness when using a thicker gauge.

3 bangle tip
Bonus tip:  Keep a cup on hand with measurements pre-marked for shows or events where you’re planning to take orders!

4 bangle tip

Happy Wrapping!

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