Free Pattern: Beaded Bezel Wire Ring

By on May 8, 2017
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by Judy Ellis,

Wire Jewelry Pattern for May 8th, 2017

Beaded Bezel Wire Ring

by Delilah

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a beautiful ring with silver plated wire, metal beads and a round focal bead. Note that this ring is not adjustable, so you’ll have to pay attention to the size wanted.





Step 1: Holding one end of the 20g wire against the mandrel, wrap it 4 times, leaving the other end long.


Tip: I use a permanent marker as a mandrel, since I’ve already determined it’s the diameter I need. If you decide to use a mandrel, make sure you measure a smaller size than you need, because when removing the wires from the mandrel, they tend to open a bit, enlarging the ring about 1-2mm. The ring in this tutorial is about 19mm inner diameter and the permanent marker measures 17-18 mm, just to give you an idea.
If there are any more questions about the size, do please feel free to ask, and I’ll be more than glad to answer and help, if necessary.

Step 2: Using the 28g wire, we’ll weave the shank wires together, working from left to right. Start by wrapping the 28g wire 3 times around the first two shank wires. Leave about a 3ft tail of 28g wire, and start about an inch in from the short end of the shank wire. (Pic 2). Bring the 28g wire up between the first and second shank wire and cross over to the third shank wire. Wrap three times around the second and third wires (Pic 3-4). Bring the 28g wire up between the second and third shank wires and wrap three times around the third and the fourth wires (Pic 5).Then weave back again. Note that the wrapping wire should go under the next two shank wires in order to be in the right place to wrap the next two wires three times. Continue weaving back and forth across the shank wires

element_76_delilah_beaded-bezel-wire-ring_2 element_77_delilah_beaded-bezel-wire-ring_3 element_78_delilah_beaded-bezel-wire-ring_4 element_79_delilah_beaded-bezel-wire-ring_5 element_80_delilah_beaded-bezel-wire-ring_6 element_81_delilah_beaded-bezel-wire-ring_8

Step 3: Weave the 28g wire until all the shank wires are woven together. Leave ¼” of the short end shank wire unwoven.


Step 4: Using round-nose pliers, make a small loop in the short end of the shank wire.


Step 5: Coil the 28g wire 5-6 times around the long shank wire.


Step 6: Use the long end of the shank wire to create a 3D spiral to hold the focal bead. I used my fingers, but if you think you have something to help you, just use it. Start with a small circle and make each subsequent one a little larger. Note that the spiral must be as large as the focal bead, so keep testing the fit of the bead in the spiral as you shape it.

element_116_delilah_beaded-bezel-wire-ring_15 element_117_delilah_beaded-bezel-wire-ring_16 element_118_delilah_beaded-bezel-wire-ring_21

Step 7: Take the longer end of the 28g wire and thread it up through the center of the spiral. Then wrap it around the first coil of the spiral and the shank wire below it. Wrap them together 3 times in order to secure the spiral.

element_121_delilah_beaded-bezel-wire-ring_23 element_122_delilah_beaded-bezel-wire-ring_24

Step 8: Notice that I wrapped the shorter end of the 28g wire around the shank a bit, in order to keep it out of the way. Now it’s time to attach metal beads. They’ll be added between the circles of the spiral, in a continuous row. Thread a bead onto the 28g wire then bring the wire down and around the 20g wire below it. Then bring it up to the spiral wire above it and wrap the 28g wire twice around the spiral wire. Continue stringing on beads and wrapping once on the wire below it and twice on the spiral wire above it.

element_124_delilah_beaded-bezel-wire-ring_25 element_125_delilah_beaded-bezel-wire-ring_26 element_126_delilah_beaded-bezel-wire-ring_27 element_127_delilah_beaded-bezel-wire-ring_28

Step 9: Continue adding beads, row by row, until the spiral is completely covered.

element_129_delilah_beaded-bezel-wire-ring_32 element_130_delilah_beaded-bezel-wire-ring_35

Step 10: Bend the end of the 20g wire toward the wall created by the beads, and tuck it behind the last bead.


Step 11: Unwrap the other end of the 28g wire from the shank. Use it secure the beaded spiral to the shank by wrapping it around the shank and the base wire of the beaded spiral in several places. Then thread it up the middle of the spiral.

element_134_delilah_beaded-bezel-wire-ring_39 element_135_delilah_beaded-bezel-wire-ring_40


Step 12: String on the focal bead and seat it in the spiral. Turn the bead slightly wrap 28g wire around the top wire of the spiral. Then thread the wire back through the bead

element_137_delilah_beaded-bezel-wire-ring_45 element_138_delilah_beaded-bezel-wire-ring_45

Step 13: Thread the wire down through the beaded wall and secure it by wrapping it a couple times around a wall wire. Trim the wire and push it to the inside of the wall of beads

element_140_delilah_beaded-bezel-wire-ring_47 element_141_delilah_beaded-bezel-wire-ring_48

Step 14: Thread the other end of the 28g wire up the inside of the wall of beads so it exits next to the last metal bead. String on a bead and bring the 28g wire down behind the 20g wire and back up. String on a second bead and repeat.

element_143_delilah_beaded-bezel-wire-ring_51 element_144_delilah_beaded-bezel-wire-ring_52 element_145_delilah_beaded-bezel-wire-ring_53

Step 15: Continue to add beads in this manner until you have a complete row around the focal bead. Secure the row by wrapping the wire two-three times around a base wire. Then, carefully cut the wire and hide its end between the beads.

element_147_delilah_beaded-bezel-wire-ring_56 element_148_delilah_beaded-bezel-wire-ring_58 element_149_delilah_beaded-bezel-wire-ring_59

Happy Wrapping!

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  1. avatar

    Connie MacDonald

    May 8, 2017 at 8:25 am

    I love this ring and will definitely be making it. Does the bead have to be 12mm or can you use 10mm? Thanx

  2. avatar


    May 9, 2017 at 12:10 pm

    This is genius. Have never seen anything like this before. Have not made a ring but think I might attempt this. Thanks for the inspiration and great hints,tips and knowledge you share.

  3. avatar

    Jill Jensen

    May 17, 2017 at 10:19 am

    I love you guys I’m a self taught artist. Your videos (free ones)!have emencely helped me learn