JOGS 2017 – Chain mail, wrapping and beading

By on December 5, 2016
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by Judy Ellis,

Wire Jewelry Tip for December 5th, 2016

JOGS 2017 – Beautiful chain mail, wire wrapping and beading

Today we feature two more of our 2017 JOGS Instructors Phyllis Martin Rennie and Ronda Stevens

Phyllis Martin-Rennie:


Stitching, metal working & “Sparkle & Shine” are a big part of my personal universe along with my family & dogs. The “Ah Ha” moment my students get is just like adding hot fudge on ice cream to me. I’m aware that each person learns a little different than the next, and that is where my strong passion for teaching kicks in.

I have taught at Philly Bead Fest multiple times since 2008 through 2015, The Best Bead Show 2006 through 2015, as well as The Puget Sound Bead Show in San Jose, Ca. Phyllis also teaches in her store of 16 years, Sew Beadazzled, which is where she calls home.

A few of Phyllis’s Classes:

Hammered Links

1/30/2017 2:30pm - 6:00pm Phyllis Martin-Rennie Hammered Links

Using round jump rings made from square wire, you will learn some new tips & and tricks on making chain maille. Then we will embellish with chain & a charm. This is a very classy & “Fluent ” bracelet. Hardest part is choosing your color!

To see ALL of Phyllis’s Classes – CLICK HERE!

Ronda Stevens:


Ronda has been teaching wire wrap design classes for over 10 years at bead shows and local bead stores. She began teaching at The Tucson Bead Show and at Bead Fest in Philadelphia in 2015. She specializes in traditional wire wrap design and loves to see her students succeed in her classes.

She released her first book in October 2013, The Art of Wire Wrap Design and is co-owner of the Great Bead Escape Retreat which is in its 6th year of introducing attendees to the world of Jewelry Art.

A few of Ronda’s Classes:

Princess Pendant

1/26/2017 2:30pm - 6:00pm Ronda Stevens Princess Pendant

Creating prongs with wire wrapping skills is the main focus in this class. You will learn precision and placement of prongs around your stone so that symmetry is achieved. You can choose to embellish your pendant very simply or add a little flare with your remaining wire.

Channel Bracelet

1/29/2017 10:30am - 2:00pm Ronda Stevens Channel Bracelet

The Channel bracelet is a very traditional wire wrapped bracelet. We will use sterling silver filled wire and Czech glass Bricks and suares to give it a little twist. Students should be comfortable wrapping with half round wire. You will have your choice of many colors of Czech glass bricks and squares.

To see all of Ronda’s Classes - CLICK HERE!

Plan your 2017 Tucson trip around taking a class – or a few!


Happy Wrapping!


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