Adding Needle Files to Your Tool Bag

By on November 18, 2016
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by Judy Ellis,

Wire Jewelry Tool Tip for November 18th, 2016

Add Needle Files to Your Tool Bag

by Marilyn Gardiner

A great tool tip from our good friend – Marilyn Gardiner.  Enjoy!

Marilyn Says:


Sometimes, when you want to use a jump ring to add a clasp, you find that it won’t pass through the little ring on one part of the clasp. You look at it closely, and the solution is not to choose a thinner wire, but to “fix’ the opening because it is blocked by a bit of extra metal.

You should own a small set of needle files, even if you aren’t a “metalworker”. It’s surprising the number of times you’ll need to file something – maybe a sharp edge, or in this case, a tiny bit of metal partially blocking a hole.

To fix that hole blockage, choose a small, tapered, round file. Use light pressure and file in one direction. Push, don’t pull.

Store your files so they are separated and don’t bang against each other.

Here are two great tool set options:

Needle File Set Pack of 5

Needle File Set Pack of 5

This 5-piecec economy diamond needle file set is 5-1/2″ (140mm) long with medium grit diamond electroplated onto high-grade steel. Includes: round, half-round, flat, three-square and square.


Diamond Files, 5 Piece Set

Diamond Files, 5 Piece Set||FIL-976.20

This set can be found on our sister site

These hard to find larger diamond files come in a five piece set. Each file measures 215 x 5mm with a diamond cut length of 80mm and a comfortable plastic grip handle. Set includes one each half-round, 3-square, flat, round and crossing.

A few other tools that you might want in your tool bag:

10 Piece Diamond Needle Files – 140mm X 3mm

10 Piece Diamond Needle Files - 140mm X 3mm

The finest steel milled to perfection with a diamond coating, makes this range of 5 1/2 inch files the best for precision filing jobs. Longevity is assured as the diamond particles are electroplated onto the surface of the metal. Plastic dipped handles for comfort.


Medium Needle File Handle

Medium Needle File Handle

Blue anodized aluminum handles are well-knurled for an excellent grip. Length of handles is 4-1/2″ and feature a steel ‘easy release’ chuck which is pressed into the barrel to remain secure. Handles will last a lifetime and make filing much easier. Made in USA.


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Happy Wrapping!

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