FREE Pattern: Traveling Twist Bracelet

By on October 5, 2016
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by Judy Ellis,

Wire Jewelry Pattern for October 5th 2016

Traveling Twist Bracelet

by Layna Palmer

Today I have a great pattern for you that is great for all levels and can be made by using a few simple beads and wire. This bracelet is perfect for any occasion or for gift giving as well.

Skill Level: All Levels



  • 18 or 20g round half-hard wire, length of the circumference of your wrist plus 5″ (Gauge depends on size of holes in beads, no smaller than 20g)
  • 24g round dead soft wire
  • 8mm beads or pearls of choice
  • 4-6mm beads or pearls of choice
  • 4mm crimp covers, bead cap or cone (optional)



Step 1. On the largest barrel of the 6-step plier, make a wrapped loop. Place the wire on a ruler and measure your length, make a mark. Measure 5 more inches and cut your wire.


Step 2. String the 8mm and 4-6mm beads on the wire, alternating between the 2, beginning and ending with the larger bead. Stop at the mark you made and tape the end of the wire to keep the beads on. This will be too many beads, but better to have too many than too few at this point. Your beads should slide on the wire, but not off the end. (If you are using bead cap or cone make sure you have one on the base wire before adding your beads)

Woven Bail Donut Pendant

Step 3. Take the 24g wire and wrap around the base wire near the loop you made 3 times beginning and ending at the back of the base wire. Leave a tail of 1-2″ to give you some leverage as you wrap the beads. I work off the coil for this part to avoid a lot of waste, but generally use about 3 feet for an 8″ bracelet.

Woven Bail Donut Pendant

Step 4. Wrap the 24g wire along the edge of the first bead crossing in front of the base wire. Wrap around the base wire one full turn, ending in front.

Step 5. Now do the opposite; wrap the 24g wire along the edge of the smaller bead crossing the base wire in back one full turn, ending in the back.

Woven Bail Donut Pendant

Step 6. Repeat these steps until you reach the mark you made, ending with the larger bead, wrapping the smaller wire three times at the top of this bead. Now we’re ready to travel back down the bracelet. Repeat the steps above, wrapping the smaller wire on the opposite sides of the beads until you reach the loop again. Make three wraps and cut both wires. Using your chain nose pliers, really tighten this smaller wire down tight.

Step 7. Remove the tape and additional beads from the end of your wire and tweak the weave to lie straight along the outer edges of the larger beads. Do a basic fitting to make sure you’re still on target for the size. If you are using a bead cap or cone, put this on the base wire before making your clasp.

.Woven Bail Donut Pendant

Step 8. Now, to make the clasp! Measure 1 1/2″ from your last bead and make an eye in the wire, pinching the sides together. Make a 45 degree angle at the base. Take your flat nose pliers and firmly hold the wires together so that you can wrap around the base.

Woven Bail Donut Pendant

Step 9. Create your hook by bending around the second-smallest barrel on the 6-step pliers and slightly bend out the end of the hook. Bend into bracelet shape either using your hands or a mandrel. Check for any wires that may need to be rounded or filed to prevent “pokies” or snags, file or pinch them down flat.

Woven Bail Donut Pendant

Step 10. Keep the weave going. With the base wires angled in, weaving will get much harder. You will need to keep holding onto the 24g wire to keep it from slipping down. You will also need to keep pushing the weave back together again. Be patient – it will look great!

Congratulations! You’ve made your first Traveling Twist Bracelet

Woven Bail Donut Pendant

I hope you’ve enjoyed this simple pattern. Keep checking back for more great patterns and tips!

Happy Wrapping!

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