Twist and Parallel Hole Punches

By on September 7, 2016
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by Judy Ellis,

Wire Jewelry Tool Tip for September 7th, 2016

Parallel Punch Pliers and Twist Punches

We love sharing new tips about tools and how to use them. Our tips today come to us from our good friend, Kate Richbourg. She shows us in one simple step how to use the Parallel Punch Plier as well as the 2 Hole or Twist (Helicopter) Punch. Take a look!

Parallel Hole Punching Pliers:



Euro Tool Parallel Hole Punching Pliers, 1.5 Millimeters||PLR-868.00

Euro Tool Parallel Hole Punching Pliers, 1.5 Millimeters

Developed by EURO TOOL, the Parallel Hole Punch Pliers give the user leverage and assurance that the pin goes straight through the hole every time for a clean shearing action. This guarantees a clean hole without rough edges or burs in sheet stock up to 18 gauge. Pins are replaceable. Length 5-1/4″ (140mm)  


2 Hole Metal Punch:



2 Hole Metal Punch||PUN-400.00

2 Hole Metal Punch

Two different hole sizes, 1.60mm and 2.30mm, can be made with this metal punch. Made of tool steel, each punch is tempered for making precision holes in soft metal up to 24 gauge! Screw action makes holes without deforming metal. It can also be used with plastic and other materials. A perfect hole every time!

Are you new to metal smithing and just want some additional information on getting started? CLICK HERE for a great article!

These two punches are a much have for any metal artists workbench!

Happy Wrapping!


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