Wire Twisting like a Pro!

By on August 22, 2016
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by Judy Ellis, Wirejewelry.com

Wire Jewelry Tip for August 22nd, 2016

Wire Twisting like a Pro!

by Rhonda Chase

Today we bring a quick tip to you from one of our newest contributors – Rhonda Chase. You may have seen Rhonda’s work on our blog as well as at our classes in Tucson with our sister company JewelryTools.com. We have featured her work many times, and today we have a great tip for anyone who is just getting started with wire twisting!

Rhonda says:


There are several ways to twist square wire. You can use an electric wire twister which will come with instructions, a hand tool for small pieces of wire or simply a regular drill.

Here’s how to twist square wire with a drill:

1: Open the drill jaw (where a bit goes) so the gaps between the sections are about 4mm

2: Set one end of the wire (a good practice length is about a foot) in a side gap and close the jaws, trapping the wire. Make it tight.

3: Hold the other end of the wire with flat pliers with one hand and the drill ( or pin vise) with the other hand

Pin Vise

4: Start the drill at a slow speed and gradually increase. Any speed is fine as long as everything seems tight and under control. I like to go just slow enough to see the wire twisting so I can check for spots that are getting overly twisty.

5: Stop when you like the look and remove your fancy, straight wire.

Correct Hold

Ex Twisted

Here are a few wire twisters that you might find helpful:

3.6 Volt Automatic Wire Twister (Cordless Screwdriver)

3.6 Volt Automatic Wire Twister (Cordless Screwdriver)


3.6 Volt Automatic Wire Twister. Includes 1/8 keyless chuck to hold drill bits up to 1/8. This model is high-powered at over 200rpm and runs extremely smooth.

Please note: This tool comes with a re-chargable battery pack and A/C Charge Adapter. To recharge the battery pack, you must plug the adapter into a 120 A/C outlet, which is standard for the US. If your country uses another voltage, you may need an adapter for this tool.

3 Prong Wire Twister Head

3 Prong Wire Twister Head


3 prong head for use with automatic wire twister. All steel construction and can adjust to any size wire from 12-gauge to 24-gauge. This head will work with both the Large Automatic Wire Twister (4.8V) and the Small Automatic Wire Twister (3.6V).

Pin Vise - 4 Piece Set

Pin Vise – 4 Piece Set

Set of 4 pin vises with carrying pouch. Will twist almost any metal from very thin to 14 gauge.


For some additional tips and insight on wire twisting: CLICK HERE

If you’d like to see more from Rhonda, you can see her blog posts HERE!

Happy Wrapping!


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